#ShoutYourAbortion and the Devaluing of Children

An almost excellent article from the Morning Meditations blog, that would have been improved by resisting the detour into partisan politics.

Morning Meditations

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I’m going to get into a lot of trouble, at least in certain circles, for writing this, but it’s been bothering me for a while now and, as my long-time readers know, I process my thoughts and feelings by writing.

Believe it or not, back in the day, I used to be an agnostic/atheist and a Democrat. It seemed to be the default setting for most of the people I hung out with after High School (a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away). I didn’t think much about my politics or social opinions for a long time, and certainly didn’t do anything to challenge them.

Then I got married, and several years later, my wife became pregnant. Yes, we were at a stage in our lives when we wanted to start a family, so it was quite intentional. Like I imagine most…

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9 thoughts on “#ShoutYourAbortion and the Devaluing of Children

  1. Against.
    From the brief article:

    Hat Tip to Diana Butler Bass, who tweeted “I don’t like using the word ‘heresy’ but I think I will make an exception in this case

  2. I’ve been checking around the web concerning the side topic in James’ post (the ten-year-old dressing up). The parents said they are so normal (so all this about Desmond is his own idea — which it maybe sort of is). But the mother had been watching grown drag queens on television, and the boy liked the glamour of it. In the interview on the Today Show, the boy answers “no” to being “trans” — and I’d say seems a little confused or bothered by the follow-up question about being gay or coming out. (And I think that was stupid to ask. He’s not trans, he’s a boy. Fine, leave him be. But Kate Snow, I don’t know, doesn’t know what a kid is? [ Well… She has two children, a boy and a girl, who I guess are twins. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1940965/bio I’m not recommending looking into her, just showing how I’ve concluded her children are twins in the sense of born at the same time: … son, Zack Bro, and a daughter, Abigail Keller Bro (born on September, 5th 2005). (Still doesn’t prove she knows what a kid is.)]

    I watched another segment of the show (from another day or not I don’t know), which was the demonstration of a recipe. Somehow, there is discussion of it being vegan, but the guest pours in chicken broth. Then she has yogurt involved as she says that if you want to keep it vegan you’d need to leave out the yogurt.

    My conclusion, don’t tune into morning shows for brilliance.

    And guess what? About half the population is above average ingelligence, and about half is below — and you can multiply that over different kinds of intelligence. I had to deal with all kinds of stupid input while I was bringing up my children, welcome to the world.

    This is a kid. Perhaps we will see him mature and understand more than dress-up and career [his is the age career first came up for me in school] at some time in his future. His situation is complicated for getting into modeling and Hollywood [gulp, and clubs] already.

    But we will see.

    https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8295122/fullcredits/?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm (classified as a comedy)
    On another page of this site — I think under “user reviews” — I read this:
    A teenage boy tears up his small-town roots and heads for the big city to make his mark while honoring his mother’s legacy by entering a drag pageant.

    I kept thinking, as I was reading about the boy, that this is so similar to girls who get the fact that they dress up like moms blown out of proportion through pageants.

  3. Isn’t it “interesting” that many contingents of self-styled morally superior citizens know finances or lack of support or income often leads to abortion and to people not reaching a point where they think they can start their family, and yet Republicans and “libertarians” keep squeezing regular people tighter and tighter? We have completely out of touch “leaders” (takers) in government right now and more and more disparity in resources between the richest people and more ordinary workers and moms (working and not working for paychecks), with followers acting like the ideology with corresponding sick policies is fine. Even if it had nothing to do with babies (in the baby form that serves the right-wing), how is any of this right? Our Senate chaplain today read a verse from Luke about workers deserving to get paid (and the pay ought to support them).

  4. One of the responses I got on the blog this article came from – when I brought up the fact that abortion was legalised in the US during a Republican presidency by a majority republican appointed supreme court – said that Republicans aren’t against abortion, they just don’t want the costs of abortions to be paid by the tax payer.

    In other words – if you’re rich enough to pay for it yourself, abortion is fine. If you’re too poor to pay, then abortion is wrong.
    And yet anti-abortion “evangelicals” continue to support right wing politics because of a claimed opposition to abortion; while those right wing politicians continue to promote ideologies that favour the rich and disadvantage the poor.

    I also recall pointing out that poverty is often a contributing factor to towards the “need” for abortion, and a respected Christian teacher dismissed that idea, saying was wrong.

  5. In other words — if …. you’re too poor to pay, then abortion is wrong.

    Goes with their truly disappointing attitude that if you’re too poor to pay,
    we don’t care that you’re pregnant and need prenatal, obstetric, and postnatal care.

  6. Except that they seem to want ya’ to be too poor for that (involving making the health care and insurance systems ridiculous) so ya’ have to or are guilted to coming crawling to them to get crumbs (that is if they feel like caring about you in particular when you need it).

  7. (And then, of course, you’re at the mercy of whatever they may feel is the help or tortuous disrespect they deem to want to dish out or withhold at any given moment… even under the thumb of what they want out of the whole matter, their cruelty du jour.)

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