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English-born Australian, Citizen of the Kingdom of God.

At times the nature of this blog may seem confusing and lacking focus as it reflects the various interests listed above. I previously had four separate blogs (blogspot sites) each with their own specific focus. When I moved to wordpress I decided to limit myself to a single site. It’s less confusing for me.

Update: the single site decision didn’t last for long. I started a second blog mostly related to books and writing.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve been away for two weeks and the murders of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were carried out last week simultaneously with several other men. It was reported that the group went to their deaths singing Amazing Grace.

  2. I have recently “discovered” (providentially!) the teachings of David Pawson. I happened upon your website after clicking a link which asked “Is David Pawson a false teacher?”. It was not hard to guess what particular set or system of beliefs would lead one to pose such a query. In any event, I admire the way you have responded, demonstrating tremendous maturity as a Christian! Incidentally, in one of Mr. Pawson’s messages he made reference to “a verse in Hebrews where Jesus said he would bring salvation to those who would be waiting for Him at His return”. Naturally, I had to see that for myself. How frustrating (at first) to have to pull out my Strong’s Concordance and search for it myself! How unkind of Mr. Pawson not to give chapter and verse! In the forty years of my Christian walk I have grown very accustomed to being given precise references. You have helped me understand why Mr. Pawson did this, and how he is actually helping his listeners to search the Scriptures for themselves! And truly, that’s just the way Jesus taught when he made reference to Scripture. Thank you!

    Gordon Bryden

  3. Thank you for the encouraging feedback Gordon.

    I have to say that it can be discouraging at times to see how many people come to this blog through a Google search of the term “Is David Pawson a false teacher”. I can only hope that they learn something from my post addressing that question. Every day that article has been the most viewed since I posted it.

    In total it’s been visited over 4300 times. Only the Home Page exceeds that.

    bless you

  4. Thank you for your response. It should only be discouraging that one comes to your blog through that search if they have done so with the motivation of finding support for their predetermined view that he is a false teacher (and your blog certainly will not lend support there!). In my case, I had done a general google search on “David Pawson” to get myself back to his website, which I had failed to save in my “favorites”. The question “Is David Pawson a false teacher?” was simply one of the links which cropped up out of that search. I was curious to see what argument, if any, one could make to assert that he is a false teacher. So, I clicked on the link, and the result was that I was steered to your blog. To me, that was a very positive result. This is just one of many instances in my life where God has used seemingly “negative” things to bring about very positive ends. The views you expressed relative to David Pawson only added confirmation to my own conclusions as to the reliability of his teachings, with this being bolstered all the more by his frequent encouragement that we not blindly accept what he says, but rather, that we should search the Scriptures ourselves to assess the truthfulness thereof. So, I’m glad I found your blog, and shall continue to follow it! Incidentally, moments before I read your reply, I listened to one of Mr. Pawson’s messages where he happened to make mention of the meaning of Onesimis. Very appropriate!!

    With warm Christian regards,

    Gordon Bryden

  5. Hi Kris and Aileen, pleased to see you found this blog after initially following my other site – I now post very little over there, and concentrate mostly on this one.

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