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Conservative Judges and Abortion

One of the main issues driving “evangelical” support of Trump is abortion. The hope (and promise) is that a president Trump will appoint conservative judges who will overturn Roe vs Wade and make abortion illegal again.
But as it was pointed out in an earlier post:

“Conservatives have controlled the court for a good 30+ years and there’s been no movement there on abortion”.

And what seems to be unknown or forgotten today is that Roe vs Wade and the legalising of abortion happened under a conservative, republican President, when a majority of Republican appointed judges in the Supreme Court voted in favour of legalising abortion, and one of the only two opposed was actually a Democrat appointed judge.

(see here for full details: )

This little glimpse at the past confirms the foolishness of supporting a political candidate based on a single issue, in particular an issue like abortion with THAT kind of political history; and its not like Christians haven’t fallen for something like this before:

 Reagan had courted religious conservatives by promising action on their cherished causes: overturning Roe v. Wade, restoring school prayer, and fighting against gay rights and other perceived threats to the traditional family. But once in office, Reagan mostly ignored those issues.

His nomination of Sandra Day O’Connor, a moderate pro-choice jurist, to the Supreme Court outraged his evangelical supporters



It doesn’t bother me who Americans vote for, or even who Christians vote for. But I am deeply concerned when Christians are drawn to a candidate through a false hope, then support and actively promote him/her through deceptive and manipulative means, such as that mentioned here:

Not only do such things deceive others; not only do the lies spiritually damage the one using/promoting the lies; they also bring contempt on the Lord’s name, the gospel and the church.

To requote someone referred to in another earlier post: “I don’t know what their gospel looks like anymore”.

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