I am now updating this list here on a new blog related to books and writing:




  1. Blackhearts in Battersea, Joan Aiken
  2. Joy Hester, Janine Burke
  3. The Rise of Nine, Pittacus Lore
  4. Night Birds on Nantucket, Joan Aiken
  5. Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell
  6. In The Winter Dark, Tim Winton
  7. The Cuckoo Tree, Joan Aiken
  8. The Testament of Jessie Lamb, Jane Rogers
  9. What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank, Nathan Englander


  1. Someone to Blame, C.S. Lakin
  2. Thicker Than Blood, C.J. Darlington
  3. Raising A Soul Surfer, Cheri Hamilton
  4. Waterfall, Lisa T. Bergren
  5. Winter, Keven Newsome
  6. Basquiat, Leonhard Emmerling
  7. Bridge to a Distant Star, Carolyn Williford
  8. Bound By Guilt, C.J. Darlington
  9. The Secret of the Saxon Summer, Diana Harker
  10. Cascade, Lisa T Bergren
  11. Hitler, God & the Bible, Ray Comfort
  12. Mark Rothko, Jacon Baal-Teshuva
  13. Pro Hart, Dying to be Heard, David Hart
  14. Plenty (eating locally on the 100 mile diet), Alisa Smith &  J.B. MacKinnon
  15. My Name is Asher Lev, Chaim Potok
  16. Torrent, Lisa T. Bergren
  17. The Woman in Black, Susan Hill
  18. The Gift of Asher Lev, Chaim Potok
  19. Noah’s Child, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
  20. Jasmyn, Alex Bell
  21. The Tastemakers: U.K.Art Now, Rosie Millard
  22. The Lacuna, Barbara Kingsolver
  23. Marc Chagall, Ingo F Walther/ Rainer Metzer
  24. The Big Over Easy, Jasper Fforde
  25. Margaret Olly: Far from a Still Life, Meg Stewart
  26. William Dobell: an Artist’s Life, Elizabeth Donaldson
  27. Stravinsky’s Lunch, Drusilla Modjeska
  28. Called to Controversy, Ruth Rosen
  29. Pre-Raphaelites, Heather Birchall
  30. The Chosen, Chaim Potok
  31. Blast Off, Ken McCracken
  32. Australian Gothic: a life of Albert Tucker, Janine Burke
  33. Modern Australian Painting 1950-1975, Kym Bonython
  34. 20th Centruy Masters, Qld Art Gallery
  35. Dear Sun, the letters of Joy Hester and Sunday Reed, Janine Burke (ed)
  36. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, John Boyne
  37. The Art of Australia, Robert Hughes
  38. 44 Scotland Street, Alexander McCall Smith
  39. Beg Borrow Steal, A Writer’s Life, Michael Greenberg
  40. Journal Revolution, Kinda Woods & Karen Dinino
  41. Artists in Conversation, Janet Hawley
  42. Emil and the Detectives, Erich Kastner
  43. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Joan Aiken


  1.  Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantel
  2. Lady Jane Grey, Faith Cook
  3. Turning Thirty, Mike Gayle
  4. Nightmare, Robin Parish
  5. The UFO Diaries, Martin Plowman
  6. Guantanamo: my journey, David Hicks
  7. Yowie: the search for Australia’s Bigfoot, Tony Healy and Paul Cropper
  8. Gripping Yarns, Bill Oddie
  9. Something Rotten, Jasper Fforde
  10. Vertigo, Amanda Lohrey
  11. Men at Work, Mike Gayle
  12. Wish You Were Here, Mike Gayle
  13. Art Life Chooks, Annette Hughes
  14. Honey and Dust, Piers Moore Ede
  15. The End of All Things is at Hand, Dr Richard Booker
  16. In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan
  17. People in Glass Houses, Tanya Levin
  18. The Olive Farm, Carol Drinkwater
  19. In Alien Heat, Steve Dewey and John Ries
  20. Dinner for Two, Mike Gayle
  21. Liberator, Richard Harland
  22. Landscapes of Memory, Ruth Kluger
  23. Gold!, David Hill
  24. Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman
  25. The Importance of Being a Bachelor, Mike Gayle
  26. The Undiscovered Pro Hart, Allan Kleiman
  27. Unzipped, Suzi Quatro
  28. Jasper Johns, Barbara Hess
  29. Bushrangers, Evan McHugh
  30. Bill Oddie’s Little Black Bird Book
  31. CaptainThunderbolt and His Lady, Carol Baxter
  32.  The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz, Denis Avey
  33.  Thyla, Kate Gordon
  34. The Power of Six, Pittacus Lore
  35. The Book Thief, Markus Zusak
  36. The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Alexander Mc Call Smith
  37. Haunted Heart, Lisa Rogak
  38. Baileys Crossing, Jeff Townsend
  39. Klee, Susanna Partsch
  40. A Brush With Mondrian, Yvonne Louis
  41. Duma Key, Stephen King
  42. Divergent, Veronica Roth
  43. Colin McCahon: The Man and the Teacher, Agnes Wood
  44. Hugh Fearlessly Eats It All, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
  45. The Goodies Rule OK, Robert Ross
  46. Willem De Kooning, Barbara Hess
  47. Finding Nino, Marc Llewellyn


  1. Howards End is on the Landing, Susan Hill
  2. The New Atheist Crusaders & Their Unholy Grail, Becky Garrison
  3. A Taste for Death, Peter O’Donnell
  4. A Man on the Moon, Andrew Chaikin
  5. Moon Shot, Alan Shepard & Deke Slayton
  6. Mary Poppins, PL Travers
  7. Worldshaker, Richard Harland
  8. Foxeys Hangout, Cathy Gowdie
  9. Rich Mixture, Stuart Haywood
  10. Blackout, Connie Willis
  11. The Road, Cormac McCarthy
  12. Like Me, Chely Wright
  13. How the Church Lost the Way, Steve Maltz
  14. Born a Jew – Die a Jew, Yohanna Chernoff
  15. BEN ISRAEL Odyssey of a Modern Jew, Arthur Katz
  16. God’s Promise and the Future of Israel, Don Finto
  17. Your People Shall be My People, Don Finto
  18. Our Hands Are Stained With Blood, Michael Brown
  19. Israel’s New Disciples, Julia Fisher
  20. Defending Christian Zionism, David Pawson
  21. When Being Jewish Was a Crime, Rachmiel Fryland
  22. The Holocaust: Where Was God? , Art Katz
  23. Slam, Nick Hornby
  24. My Legendary Girlfriend, Mike Gayle
  25. Modesty Blaise, Peter O’Donnell
  26. Mr Commitment, Mike Gayle
  27. Yellow Zone, Janelle G. Dyer
  28. God’s Tsunami, Peter Tsukahira
  29. Anita and Me, Meera Syal
  30. The Small Hand, Susan Hill
  31. The Eyre Affair, Jasper Fforde
  32. Ulterior Motives, Mark Andrew Olsen
  33. Tomorrow We Die, Shawn Grady
  34. For All Time, Meredith Resce
  35. Journal, Helene Berr
  36. I Am Number Four, Pittacus Lore
  37. Abandoned, Stan Telchin
  38. Reckless, Cornelia Funke
  39. Dragonholder, Todd McCaffrey
  40. Playing Beatie Bow, Ruth Park
  41. Something is Out There, Julie Miller and Grant Osborn
  42. All Clear, Connie Willis
  43. The Alternative Kitchen Garden an A-Z, Emma Cooper
  44. Lost in a Good Book, Jasper Fforde
  45. Brand New Friend, Mike Gayle
  46. A Long Way Down, Nick Hornby
  47. 84 Charing Cross Road/ The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street, Helene Hanff
  48. A Year of Slow Food, David and Gerda Foster
  49. The Well of Lost Plots, Jasper Fforde
  50. Israel: The Mystery of Peace, Julia Fisher
  51. How the Church Lost the Truth, Steve Maltz
  52. The Last Dragonslayer, Jasper Fforde
  53. The Accidental Tourist, Anne Tyler
  54. Uncharted Territory, Connie Willis
  55. The To-Do List, Mike Gayle
  56. The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender, Marele Day
  57. Life & Soul of the Party, Mike Gayle
  58. Chocolate and Zucchini, Clotilde Dusoulier
  59. Time Tangle, Frances Eagar
  60. Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte
  61. The Charlatan’s Boy, Jonathan Rogers
  62. Innocent Traitor, Alison Weir
  63. Lady Jane Grey & the House of Suffolk, Alison Plowden

2009 from 4 Nov

  1. Black Swan Green, David Mitchell
  2. The Other Half Lives, Sophie Hannah
  3. Choosing Eden, Adrienne Langman
  4. Snowleg, Nicholas Shakespeare
  5. Animal Vegetable Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver 
  6. Who Killed Dave, Linda Cockburn
  7. A Patchwork Planet, Anne Tyler
  8. Mythago Wood, Robert Holdstock
  9. Doctor Dolittle, Hugh Lofting
  10. The Time Traveller’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger

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