Exposing the Ignorance (and Lies) of a Heresy Hunter

Spencer Smith videos seem to always pop up when I look through the YouTube menu.

There are two things I’ve noticed about him and his videos that have steered me away from them.

  1. They are ALWAYS anti something or someone.
  2. His site homepage seems to be all about $$$, with links to donate and many options to purchase his merchandise.

The video below shows how these two things are linked.

The video also shows how Smith never lets truth and facts get in the way of denigrating others – because it’s easier to label countless others as heretics if you are willing to stoop to misrepresentation and lies.

My posting of this video is not an endorsement of the ministry presenting it, although many of the other videos on its site give a lot of good insight. It is also not an endorsement of any of the people mentioned in the video. I post it because it exposes the grave errors, mistakes, carelessness and outright lies that are the stock in trade of too many “discernment ministries”.

If any person or ministry deserves to be exposed as a “heretic”, then it should be done truthfully according to FACTS.

2 thoughts on “Exposing the Ignorance (and Lies) of a Heresy Hunter

  1. I hadn’t heard of, or seen, Spencer Smith either – until now. I also hadn’t heard of, or seen, Rod Saunders until you posted a previous video link.

    Both are individuals whose sites and videos I will steer clear of in future: partly because of the biased way they both present information to support their own views and beliefs… which yes, we all tend to do as we are all human and speak from flesh much of the time.

    I was saddened Tim to read your own contribution in the comments section of the above Video – your saying To Spencer Smith everyone is a heretic. is an exaggeration.. or was that sarcasm..?

    Either way, ironic – given your own post above.

    Tim my friend, you are better than that.

  2. No exaggeration and not sarcasm.

    On YouTube Spencer Smith’s presence is about nothing other than colouring people as heretics. His tactics in doing so (and a reason why) are made clear by Rod Saunders. (Hint, its profitable)

    And I am better than what?
    Better than actually investigating the truth for myself rather than accepting the word of professional, cessationist heresy hunters?

    But then again, I understand how much you have relied on heresy hunters to colour your own views.

    I am grateful to you for the link you sent months ago “exposing” the errors of Todd White. Checking the accusations in that article, and seeing how baseless they were, woke me up to the nature of heresy hunting.
    I have no personal interest in Todd White – other than observing the ravenous wolves regularly tearing into him with baseless accusations, confirming their own nature by their fruit.

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