Recommended Ministries

The inclusion on my blog of a video or article from any individual or ministry group is NOT blanket endorsement of that individual or group.

Likewise, while I have benefited from the ministries of the following and feel confident in recommending their teachings, again don’t assume that recommendation is an endorsement of everything they say or do

Personal responsibility remains with each of us to search the scriptures diligently to assess all teachings to which we are exposed.

David Pawson

Bible teacher

Rod Saunders – Jew and Greek

Apologetics from a charismatic / balanced word of faith perspective. Effective antidote to cessationist heresy hunters.

Epiousion Apologetics

“Bible teaching geared toward the more difficult, controversial, and often negated topics within Christianity.”


Film, TV and teaching videos related to missions, biblical studies of end times and interesting perspective of the Middle East. But teaching I heard on their site about healing was highly flawed.