3 thoughts on “Spirit-Filled Suffering – Art Thomas

  1. Before I watched ‘Spirit Filled Suffering’ I had already watched ‘Healing 101’. I was disposed to only pick up on things I felt were the regurgitating of false doctrine. However, I found myself agreeing with many of Art Thomas’ points on suffering. He addresses things that I have thought for myself but never heard in decades of hearing ministers teach. That is, suffering is redemptive and has a purpose, even if we cannot see it. I have felt that sickness fitted into those purposes behind suffering.
    In decades of involvement with Pentecostal/Charismatic ministry I have only ever seen deceivers, or deceived ministers accidentally deceiving others. I have seen Christianity morph from being Christ centred to self-centred. I have seen the focus move from the worship of Christ to the idea that He worships us like He is some sort of love-struck teenager.
    To me, the idea that someone who has a public ministry also has integrity is, from much experience, near impossible. So having watched Art on suffering I started looking more closely at Art Thomas. He says the same things as many others, he ministers around the world, people are supposedly healed in his meetings, he supports churches and orphanages. Initially, I had no reason to expect to find anything other than a public image that was not backed up with life and character. Todd Bentley talked well, ministered around the world, saw healings, supported churches and orphanages and led people to Christ. He was actually an adulterer, a liar and a deceiver. I expected Art Thomas to be the same.
    I looked at his web site. When I saw that he had appeared on Sid Roth’s TV show and claimed he’s been to heaven, it seemed to confirm my suspicions that he had to be a charlatan. I almost wrote him off at that point. However, when I read his approach to money and his approach on being invited to speak, I was simply blown away. I expected “I’m doing a great work for God and you can support/partner with me” type of thing, but his humility and servant heart broke through my antagonism. I could not align the way he handles ministry support with what I expected to see. For the first time in a long time, I allowed myself to think “Perhaps he’s the real deal”.
    Tim, I think he is.
    I’ve watched this video 4 times, each time has spoken to me more deeply.
    Thank you for sticking to your guns. You see, some of the things you and Art say I have no answer for. I know what the scriptures say. I have seen healing scriptures misused and abused to teach and support false doctrine, fleece people out of their money, spread false hope, shatter faith, and spread disillusionment with Christianity. But none of those things make the scriptures wrong, and that has troubled me.
    I re-watched ‘Healing 101’ and could not find what I thought they said. I apologise for that.
    I have felt that you thought I was trying to undermine your battle for healing. I never was, I thought you were deceived. Maybe you’re not. Keep going, I will be very happy to be wrong and I am watching.
    God bless, A Brother.

  2. Thanks abrother7, for your openness, honesty and humility.
    Yes there are MANY very questionable voices out there who abuse healing. Some are outright charlatans. Others are those who have merely swallowed teachings and practices from various church leaders and celebrity teachers.

    When I was diagnosed I looked around at teaching on healing, and while a lot gave hope I wasn’t fully satisfied with the answers I was hearing. I knew I had to go to scripture myself and trust God to give me an answer regarding His will for healing. I thought it would take months, but found the answer I was seeking in days.

    I continued to look around for teaching that would either correct or confirm what I believed the Lord had revealed. Art Thomas is one I came across in that time. I’ve heard him preach on a number of topics and have always found him to genuinely want to get to the biblical foundation of an issue. I’ve found no reason to distrust him, or think he has any questionable motives.

    He not only confirmed my own discovery from scripture, he made me see how I’d missed the most OBVIOUS revelation of God’s will related to healing: the ministry of Jesus Himself, who ONLY did the Father’s will, and ALWAYS healed everyone who came to Him.

  3. Hi A Brother,
    I’ve written a long reply that I’ve chosen not to post here yet.
    Would you mind if I sent the reply direct to you at your email address?
    I did tell you the reply is long didn’t I?

    It might take me a few days or more to do it. I’m having computer problems and might have to take the computer to get checked and repaired.

    If you prefer I can post the reply here. I currently have it on a USB stick so can do either.
    If I have no reply by the time the computer is fixed, I’ll just post here.


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