What Does “Free Palestine” Mean?

There have been pro-Palestinian protests around the world. A large march in Sydney was recently shown on the news. Heading the march was a large banner stretching across the road, reading “FREE PALESTINE”.

free palestine

I wonder how many who may offer their support to that sentiment understand what the phrase really means? It is fair enough to have sympathy for the Palestinians who have lost family members among the casualties sustained in the Israeli response to Palestinian rocket attacks, but do those sympathisers recognise that “FREE PALESTINE” refers to the desire to wipe Israel off the map? To remove Jews from Israel so that Palestinians can take over and replace them?

Do the sympathisers recognise that the phrase reflects the Hamas goal to destroy Israel and remove it from existence? A goal typified by the slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” referring to the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, in other words Israel, which they want to be be “freed” by the driving of Israeli’s from the land.

Do they recognise that the goal of eradicating Israel is behind the Hamas rocket attacks and why Hamas use Palestinian civilians as human shields, resulting in the high Palestinian body count when Israel attacks Hamas military targets?

And it is that latter practice that is the REAL weapon that Hama is using against Israel. The rockets are merely the means of “arming” that weapon. They know that their rockets are unlikely to cause serious damage on the ground. But the effectiveness of the rockets is not in the physical destruction they can cause, it is in their ability to bring about Israeli retaliation against military targets that have been strategically placed among a Palestinian civilian population. And the more civilian casualties caused, the more Hamas gains in the ideological war they are creating and the more support they attract from ill-informed outsiders.

Hamas are using the Palestinian people as ideological cannon fodder. It is from groups like Hamas that Palestinians need to be freed.

More importantly they need the lasting freedom that can only be found through faith in a member of the Jewish race they are taught to despise; but not just any Jew. It is through faith in Jesus, King of the Jews that they will find everlasting freedom.

So, do you REALLY want to “Free Palestine”?
Then introduce Palestinians to Jesus.

5 thoughts on “What Does “Free Palestine” Mean?

  1. After posting the above I came across the following in a newsletter I received this morning.

    …by now we understand that Hamas isn’t interested in a military victory but rather in a media victory, proclaimed by a global media that has lost its moral compass years ago. The result, even though Hamas isn’t garnering the support they expected, is that the whole world is up in arms in support of “demon Israel” against “angel victimized Palestine”. And this is exactly what is becoming a great danger globally, well beyond the current tragedy of the Gaza War.

  2. I’m frustrated and concerned too. The reaction this time isn’t quite the same as last time (at least what I remember as last time, 2010) in the general public. And I can’t figure out why.

  3. So, I looked up what happened and when in 2012. I don’t see anything different from how it always goes. I did see why I wasn’t paying attention at the time; it was in the autumn, when I had just started back to school after a couple and a half decades. I’ve re-read an article as well. It’s about drone use and a couple reports that came out after 2013. Apparently use went down in Pakistan (U.S. use no doubt) that year in comparison to the last while Isreal had to explain that a goal of zero civilian casualties is unrealistic and impossible for them given the tactics of those who attack from Gaza.

  4. There were reports today that Hamas rockets went off target and hit a Palestinian hospital as well as killing children in a playground. They blame Israeli rockets, but Israel has pointed the finger back at Hamas.

    Considering Israel so far, while expressing regret over civilian casualties have not denied them – I see more reason to believe Israel’s account than that of Hamas.

    Considering the erratic nature of Hamas’s rocket targeting, it would only be a matter of time before they hit something “closer to home”.

    I recently read that a Moselm cleric in Israel was thanking the Israeli Government for their air defence shield that was potentially protecting Islamic sites in Israel – even the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

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