More on Trump (ii)

Referring to the weekend’s terror attack in London Trump tweeted:

“Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That’s because they used knives and a truck!”

Statistics Trump needs to heed:

At the time of posting: 212 killed and 528 wounded in “mass shootings” in USA so far in 2017.

Compare to:

Since 9/11, six Americans have died per year at the hands, guns, and bombs of foreign-born terrorists.


And see some reponses to Trump’s tweets here:

In particular note the contribution from white evangelical, former vice president candidate Sarah Palin, to see how much of a lover of the truth she is.

See original “More on Trump” here:

8 thoughts on “More on Trump (ii)

  1. ? “Donald Trump/We love you. …. Britain first/fighting back.”
    So, like ten or so instigators showing up to shout.

    And Palin has no depth of evaluation for meaning in the real world.

    However, I remember her speaking up ONCE. She said, after Trump was making a specific (artificial and not conservative) deal with a company and state, “We don’t pick winners and losers. REMEMBER?” Something pretty much like that. But she has obviously backed off.

  2. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has been attacking his own Justice Department (the department he is supposed to head for the U.S. but is clearly not living up to). He tweeted that “they” should have stuck with the original travel ban and not the second one (the “watered down” one). HE SIGNED THE SECOND ONE himself!

    MORNING JOE 6/7/17 Duration: 6:48
    Is Trump’s Saudi arms deal exaggerated?

    While on his foreign trip, President Trump announced a $110B arms deal with Saudi Arabia. New reporting suggests the deal may not be exactly what it seems. CNBC’s Brian Sullivan discusses.
    Most crisis managers agree: The world became a riskier place to do business in 2016. …. it’s only to get worse over the next three years managers believe.

    Those sentiments derive from a survey of 537 senior executives conducted in November and December by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by FTI Consulting. The survey assessed the sources of corporate risk in 2016 and its evolution over the next three years.

    The executives, all of whom were involved in the crisis management function of their firms, hailed from 15 industries and represented firms around the world. ……
    MORNING JOE 6/7/17 Duration: 0:45

    Trump tweets new nominee for FBI director —

    President Trump tweets Wednesday he will be nominating Christopher A. Wray as FBI Director.
    MORNING JOE 6/7/17 Duration: 4:07

    Who is Christopher Wray, Trump’s FBI nominee?

    NBC News’ Pete Williams discusses Chris Wray, President Trump’s new nominee for FBI Director.
    MORNING JOE 6/7/17 Duration: 2:56

    How Wray decision shows Christie’s influence —

    Donald Trump’s new nominee for FBI Director, Christopher Wray, served as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s lawyer during the Bridgegate trial. Was Christie instrumental in suggesting Wray?
    MORNING JOE 6/7/17 Duration: 5:59

    Former FBI agent explains significance of Trump’s FBI pick —

    Former FBI agent Clint Watts discusses Donald Trump’s pick for FBI director and what makes Christopher Wray an interesting and different choice for an FBI director.

  4. Excellent photo presentation for this article. Washington Post has a good article, too, on these “models” of what it has been to be Republican or Conservative.
    This Eric Prince fella is the brother of the woman appointed (and confirmed) to head the Education Department under Trump. The siblings both want to take our money.

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