Travelling by Blog

This is the extent of the reach of my blog since it started back in 2012. The darker the colour, the more visits from that nation.

The most noticeable blank on the map is Greenland because of its size. Most of the other places not reached are to be expected but one or two absences are not so easily understandable: North Korea, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Iraq,  several African countries, Cuba, Papua New Guinea, Uruguay and it seems, the Falkland Islands (and probably several other small places not easily identifiable on a map of this scale).

Just a sample of the numbers of views from individual countries:

USA 39,055
UK 7,035
Australia 5,968
Canada 3,637
New Zealand 3,208
Singapore 1,468

The highest “ranking” Moslem nation is Malaysia, with 986 views.

There have been 85 views from Israel.

Saudi Arabia has 35 views

China 20 views

And Iran 1 view.

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