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Washington Turmoil: ABC Radio interview


Republicans are reeling over a daily stream of troubling revelations about President Trump and they’re frustrated at being unable to implement their agenda.




Последний Козырь (19 мая)

The Last Trump (May 19)


From ABC Radio

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is heading up an investigation into US President Donald Trump and his team’s alleged links to Russia.

Commentators say this may work for Trump if he has nothing to hide, but this is not the only issue facing the embattled President.




With the focus now fully on the potential links between Russia and the US, the Trump presidency looks to have painted itself into a corner. But then, we’ve heard that before.



From The Australian



From Yahoo news

Donald Trump ‘will find a way to resign’, says president’s ghostwriter

Tony Schwartz, who ghostwrote Trump’s ‘The Art of the Deal’ book, said that the controversial president will claim “victory” by resigning before he is impeached.

He told CNN: “He lacks empathy, the ability to really connect with other people, self-awareness and above all, a conscience … there is no right and wrong – there is winning and losing.


The Gift That Keeps Giving.

Even more from the very generous gift given by 80% of white evangelicals to the American people (and the rest of world).


The US President is accused of divulging highly classified information to Russia and of asking the FBI to drop an investigation into his former National Security adviser.






Trump reportedly urged James Comey to drop Michael Flynn investigation.


Donald Trump directly asked the former FBI director, James Comey, to drop an investigation into his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, according to notes kept at the time by Comey and first reported on Tuesday by the New York Times.

“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” Trump told Comey, according to Comey’s record of the meeting, as reported by the Times. “He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

The latest crisis to beset the White House came just 24 hours after the first reports emerged of Trump having shared classified intelligence with Russia during Oval Office talks.


Trump’s Leaks

Videos – click on link to start.

Part 1

Breathtakingly Irresponsible: Former Bush Iraq Adviser on Trump Sharing Secret Intel with Russians

Part 2

An Impeachable Offense? Questions Swirl as Trump Accused of Sharing Top Secret Intel with Russians


How long can this go on?

The story of what Donald Trump told the Russian Foreign Minister and Russian Ambassador to the US in a meeting last week is murky and complex.

The response from the White House has been confusing. First, a blanket denial. Then a denial that the president revealed “sources and methods”, despite the fact that nobody had reported that he had. Then, seemingly, a declaration from the President that he did it all on purpose.

We can’t have someone in the oval office, who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word confidential or classified.

(statement from Donald trump during election campaign)


audio from here


The Last Trump (early edition): More from the man chosen by 80% of white “evangelicals”

The Republican’s Guide to Presidential Behavior

(Could also be called the white evangelical’s guide to Presidential behaviour – onesimus)

It wasn’t so long ago that Republicans in Congress cared about how a president comported himself in office. They cared a lot! The president is, after all, commander in chief of the armed forces, steward of the most powerful nation on earth, role model for America’s children — and he should act at all times with the dignity his station demands. It’s not O.K. to behave in a manner that demeans the office and embarrasses the country.



Donald Trump ‘shared highly classified information with Russian officials’

Donald Trump allegedly revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minster Sergei Lavrov and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in an Oval Office meeting last week.
The Washington Post reported on Monday that Trump shared details of intelligence gathered of an Isis threat that had been closely guarded within the United States government and among close US allies.


The report of Trump’s indiscretion drew immediate criticism across party lines. David Kochel, Jeb Bush’s top strategist in the 2016 presidential campaign, tweeted: “John McCain probably revealed less to the KGB in 5+ years of torture at the Hanoi Hilton than Trump did in 5 minutes in the Oval.”



The Last Trump: (the last of Trump? – probably not)

White House story on Comey firing unravels.

US President Donald Trump fired James Comey on Wednesday morning, sparking one of the biggest political firestorms of his Presidency.

from :

Evidence of more lies, subterfuge and confusion from the white evangelicals’ choice of  president.

I wonder whether those responsible for this placard have repented yet, along with the rest of the 80%of white evangelicals who saw Trump as their nation’s  saviour.

Trump’s meeting with Russians closed to U.S. media, but not to TASS photographer.

trump russia

What the American Press was barred from witnessing, immediately after Trump personally fired the man responsible for investigating Trump campaign links with Russia.


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