4 thoughts on “David Pawson: all sermons free on mp3

  1. G’Day Kevin,
    At the moment it’s a little of both. I’ve been having difficulties with blogger so decided to give WordPress a try. Its hard to totally abandon a blog I’ve had for almost 7 years so I’ll probably keep my other blog going for a while and try to work around the problems.

    However I think I’ll eventually post more here than there as I grow more familiar with what WordPress has to offer and how it works.


  2. Brother and pastor David Pawson is a true sound remnant preacher from what I read of him there is hardly anything of that I question. And I would not have know of him unless a relatively small selection of his teachings had been uploaded to the Internet.

    Therefore I wanted to purchase 1652 audio recordings of David Pawson’s teachings from 2010/11/12/13/14/15 and 2016 on a 64Gb USB Memory Stick (https://www.davidpawson.com/AR_Details.asp?ProductID=USB.002) for about $40.00 USD so I could share them with the household and others (and now a 64GB drive can cost less than $10.00 or $6.00 in small lots).

    However, rather than enabling all his teachings to be copied and shared for free, even after one has purchased them, then as usual in “faith” ministries, Anchor Recordings Ltd (Publisher and global distributor of David Pawson’s ministry under a license agreed with the David Pawson Teaching Trust) has chosen to criminalize those who share his teachings.

    However, Anchor restricts this audio stream of the material only to “the listener’s private, non-public use only” and also, “The Listener promises not to publish, record, upload, transmit, copy, assist; or participate in transferring, listing, or enabling on-line providers to list the material.”

    That is how Anchor understands the great commission and the life of faith. No doubt if they could they would have also sought to forbade the sharing of Paul’s preaching if they were around his time so that they could make money off it.

    As one blessed to be part of a small evangelical l faith ministry (http://peacebyjesus.net) I understand the need for funds, and see nothing wrong with maybe asking people to cover the cost of the material, but I have seen that if God calls us into His work then He will provide for what is needed to do that work as we seek to obey Mt. 6:33 and be good stewards, though our faith can be tested.

    I wonder how David Pawson would respond to criminalizing the free sharing of his teachings that believers have purchased.

    But thank God for what is shared.

  3. I’ve never dealt with Anchor.

    I bought all my David Pawson Cds and DVDs from the Australian office of his ministry ad had a good relationship with them.
    A lot of his video sermons are now accessible on YouTube.

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