#BibleBulldoze Progress

So far this year I’ve done no journaling, and have not made any notes in my journaling bible. It’s all been about reading.

I’ve been using the CSB Reader’s Bible I received for Christmas as I take on the #BibleBulldoze challenge to read the whole Bible in 28 days.

We were supposed to start on 1 January, but I started two days early at the end of December. Gloria started a day earlier on 29th December. She is a little ahead of me, and as I type this she is reading Lamentations after just finishing Jeremiah.

About half an hour ago I finished Isaiah. Both of us are a few days ahead of the reading schedule which should be somewhere around 1 or 2 Chronicles.

Below is a chart of my progress so far, listing book title, number of chapters in the book, the date completed, and the total time taken to read the book.

Psalms is still a work in progress, taking 3 hours 40 minutes to read the first 102 Psalms.

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