2 thoughts on “False Spirits

  1. I’ve been in one ditch most of my life and having finally realised it have scrambled out…but I’m worried I may be slipping into the other now. Thank you for sharing this video which calmly and with compassion discusses the issue and points out some solid ground between the two.

  2. Thanks Naomi,
    There is a common feature related to both ditches and that’s a disregard for what the Bible says.
    I know that people from both sides will insist they are “bible based” – but when one side dismisses spiritual gifts that are very clearly endorsed in scripture, and the other presents a Holy Spirit that seems to brush aside holiness; there is a very selective application of scripture going on.

    The Holy Spirit will never contradict the Word He Himself inspired.

    A correct application of the Word will never deny the very real need for the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in confirming the gospel with signs following – but those signs will never contradict the nature of the HOLY Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit.

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