What Does “Free Palestine” Mean?

There have been pro-Palestinian protests around the world. A large march in Sydney was recently shown on the news. Heading the march was a large banner stretching across the road, reading “FREE PALESTINE”.

free palestine

I wonder how many who may offer their support to that sentiment understand what the phrase really means? It is fair enough to have sympathy for the Palestinians who have lost family members among the casualties sustained in the Israeli response to Palestinian rocket attacks, but do those sympathisers recognise that “FREE PALESTINE” refers to the desire to wipe Israel off the map? To remove Jews from Israel so that Palestinians can take over and replace them?

Do the sympathisers recognise that the phrase reflects the Hamas goal to destroy Israel and remove it from existence? A goal typified by the slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” referring to the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, in other words Israel, which they want to be be “freed” by the driving of Israeli’s from the land.

Do they recognise that the goal of eradicating Israel is behind the Hamas rocket attacks and why Hamas use Palestinian civilians as human shields, resulting in the high Palestinian body count when Israel attacks Hamas military targets?

And it is that latter practice that is the REAL weapon that Hama is using against Israel. The rockets are merely the means of “arming” that weapon. They know that their rockets are unlikely to cause serious damage on the ground. But the effectiveness of the rockets is not in the physical destruction they can cause, it is in their ability to bring about Israeli retaliation against military targets that have been strategically placed among a Palestinian civilian population. And the more civilian casualties caused, the more Hamas gains in the ideological war they are creating and the more support they attract from ill-informed outsiders.

Hamas are using the Palestinian people as ideological cannon fodder. It is from groups like Hamas that Palestinians need to be freed.

More importantly they need the lasting freedom that can only be found through faith in a member of the Jewish race they are taught to despise; but not just any Jew. It is through faith in Jesus, King of the Jews that they will find everlasting freedom.

So, do you REALLY want to “Free Palestine”?
Then introduce Palestinians to Jesus.


For Whatever Reason by Steve Maltz

“The World will always find a reason to hate Jews”

[ But why does the church follow the world? – onesimus]


For Whatever Reason by Steve Maltz

A lot of rhetoric has been poured out over recent days. There are a lot of angry people out there. There are also a lot of frightened people too, and it is for their benefit that this has been written.

The nudge that I needed was supplied, first, by a Facebook posting from a friend, who eloquently asked “what has become of the British nation? Thousands of people have marched through central London to call for an end to Israel’s ground campaign and air strikes in Gaza. Protesters marched from Downing Street to the Israeli embassy in Kensington. A police blockade stopped them from gaining access. Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly and Hyde Park Corner were closed. QUESTION: Where were all these people and why was NOT ONE of them protesting against the ISIS who have murdered thousands in Iraq or the 170,000 Muslims slaughtered in Syria by Muslims? Where was these peoples outrage when Egypt was murdering each other? And where was the protests over the past 12 years as Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians? Is anyone brave enough to give me an answer?”

But, yes, this man was admittedly a friend of Israel, yet … (in a small voice) … shouldn’t all right-minded people echo this cry? The second nudge was more telling, because it came from a well-known Christian blogger from the other camp. He tweeted four times in succession and here is the gist:
Just returned from anti-Israel demo in London. Huge numbers there calling for an end to Israeli aggression … admit to feeling uncomfortable marching alongside Socialist Workers Party and Stop the War coalition … wouldn’t it be good if Muslims would turn out in such huge numbers to protest the extinction of Christians in Iraq? … For that matter, it would be good if ANYONE turned up to protest the Iraq situation!

Needless to say none of this was retweeted, because it was dangerous stuff. Dangerous? Why? Because spiritual truth and light was allowed to briefly flicker into view.

Read complete article here:


Jesus said “I AM”


God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.’” (Exodus 3)


[Jesus said] “I am telling you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe that I am who I am” (John 13)


Your Eternal Destiny is Not in Heaven

holy holy holy

There are three consecutive destinations ahead for believers in Jesus who remain faithful to Him; two temporary, and the third everlasting:

 Destination 1)  After death – what has traditionally been seen as “heaven”. This is a place and time of waiting for the first resurrection, when the dead in Christ will rise before returning to earth with Him. Jesus and the resurrected believers will be met in the air by the believers who remained alive on earth until that time. As they are caught up those latter believers are changed to take on immortality (in other words the same kind of resurrected body as Jesus and those who had died before His return)

 Destination 2)  The Messianic Kingdom on earth (the Millennium). After Jesus returns, those resurrected or “changed” will be with Him on this earth in new incorruptible and immortal bodies like His. According to Revelation this period lasts for 1000 years. This period is followed by the second resurrection, the judgement and the end of the current heavens and earth

 Destination 3)  A new heavens, new earth and the New Jerusalem will replace the current creation. The new earth will be the everlasting home of those who maintained faith in Jesus. It is also where God will make His home among His people.


 There is one ultimate destination for those who don’t faithfully believe in Jesus: the lake of fire.

 “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”



The God Who Kills and Saves

I’ve been reading Joshua and was struggling a little with all of the mass killings – the wiping out of whole populations of cities with no mercy. I think such a thing goes right against the grain of the modern-western conscience (how “moral” and self-righteous we can be at times) and it can be a struggle to understand God commanding it.

But I came to see that God was acting no differently than He did at the time of the flood or with what He did to Sodom and Gomorrah. The only difference was in the method of dealing with the evil in the land. In one case He used water, in another He rained down fire; with the evil population of the Promised Land He used an army of men.

rahab-aIn each case He also saved a family: Noah from the flood, Lot from Sodom, and Rahab from Jericho. I wonder how much the latter reflects the state of the people of the Promised Land – that the one most “worthy” to be saved from the destruction of Jericho was a prostitute.



Spirit, Scripture and Scholarship

When we turn to bible scholars we need to always keep in mind we’ll come across both good and bad, and if we rely ONLY on the work of those “scholars” we’ll never know the difference. We’ll merely adopt what we ourselves find most appealing and what tickles our own intellectual ears.

 I’ve seen far too many Christian bloggers who do little more than make reference to one man’s words after another; Quoting this teacher, then that writer – maybe throwing in an occasional verse of scripture to give everything “biblical legitimacy”, but no real indication that they’ve addressed scripture for themselves and come to terms with what it says.

 When we choose to read and listen to the teaching of others we need to be sure to search the scriptures to see whether their teaching REALLY conforms to scripture. And if it IS valid teaching, then pass on the understanding that has been gained by referring to SCRIPTURE rather than continually noting that Spurgeon said this or MacArthur said that, etc.

If it IS biblical truth, note it as such and not as the teaching of _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the gaps with name of any popular teacher).

Shouldn’t we be more excited about the discoveries we’ve made FROM SCRIPTURE as we checked their teaching rather than giving recognition to a man?


 The big danger is the lack of personal involvement with scripture and the lack of trust in the Holy Spirit. The danger is that people put ALL their trust in the scholarship of others instead of in the Spirit and scripture; reading commentaries and study bible notes and assuming they’ve been studying the Bible.

 Christians need to be freed from the idea that scripture is beyond their understanding and therefore they will need someone to interpret and explain it to them. That attitude is a major problem across the “church”, from the mainline traditional denominations through to Charismatic/Pentecostal groups. Man’s teaching is exalted and placed entirely in the hands of a “qualified” elite. Traditional churches promote a seminary education as the requirement for ministers, charismatics look to people they see as specially “anointed”.

 The poor average man-in-the pew is encouraged to be dependent upon the appointed or anointed “minister” instead of being encouraged and taught to search the scriptures for themselves, with the Holy Spirit being ignored altogether.


You Are Being Warned

The following was posted in the comments section of my post “Clearly Some Don’t Want To Understand”.



Just in case it’s overlooked, being in such an out of the way place, I’ll post the following statement, (made against me) so people can consider its warning. Although after the warning I will point out the serious inaccuracy near the beginning.


FOLKS WHO ARE READING THIS “Please wake up. This man basically with one or two days or weeks of exceptions, hasn’t even attended church for 25 years and he’s trying to be your Christian spiritual guide. This man will lead you right into the abyss if you don’t smarten up and see the deception. Just read the mocking self-righteous tone he exhibits in all his writings. If any of you readers have actually stopped attending church because of the man’s writings, I strongly implore you to delete this man’s blog from your bookmarks immediately, and find yourself a good Christian church and join it and begin worshipping the Lord in a church setting and fellowshipping A.S.A.P!! As your final proof, just review the remarks he makes, both on this blog, and follow the link to Derek Leman’s blog at the top of this page and read the comments he made there. And finally, let this man’s final remarks to my comments here be your guide as to whether he is a real Christian or not. God be with you.



Serious inaccuracy:


It is claimed that I have not “attended church” for 25 years apart from “one or two days or weeks of exceptions”. Considering that for 15 of those years I was going through a “spiritual crisis” a time when I was struggling with extreme doubt, maybe we can reduce that to 10 years.


And could we please take into account the time when my faith was starting to be restored and I spent months checking out churches in my local area, visiting local ministers followed by months of attending home fellowship meetings? And then I moved to a new town and started the minister-meeting process again.


And what about the six months at the charismatic fellowship that ended when the fellowship’s devotion to the charismania of the TACF became prominent (TAFC is the church responsible for the “Toronto Blessing”)? And the year and a half at the traditional denominational church that ended when their Calvinist leanings were pushed more to the fore?


And where ought I have gone next? The Pentecostal church influenced by word of faith and the NAR? (NAR – Peter Wagner’s New Apostolic Reformation) Or the new group in town that my research indicates have a cult-like nature? Or maybe for appearance-sake I should just turn up at the High Anglican or Roman Catholic churches or one of the remaining denominational groups that meet for services for one hour a week? I suppose it all depends on what one considers to be a real church and what is actually Christian fellowship.


Yes, in recent years I have spent far more time away from institutional churches than I’ve spent in them, but FAR more than the claimed “one or two days or weeks”. And I’ve spent more time interacting with other believers outside of the bricks and mortar than I was able to while attending Sunday services.


If there was a suitable Christian group around here I’d be happy to join with them. If you are blessed to be part of a thriving and nurturing fellowship focused on Jesus – thank God for it.

My situation hasn’t been hidden from readers of this blog or the forums where I’ve contributed, but if my lack of “church” attendance offends any reader of this blog, they are free to shun me.


As for the rest of the claims made in the above warning, I invite you to read more of the comments section at the above link so you can make a more informed judgement of the accusations being made.


Then you can decide whether:

1)     I’m trying to be your spiritual guide.

2)     I’m leading anyone into the abyss,

3)     I’m a deceiver.

4)     I’ve exhibited a mocking self-righteous tone

5)     I’ve encouraged others to stop attending “church”.


And the countless other claims being made by “endtimedelusion”.

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