You can make the Bible say almost anything.

The title of this post “you can make the Bible say almost anything” is a claim I’ve heard several times, most recently in reply to a comment I made on another blog.

In the past I may have said something similar myself, but now I strongly disagree with that statement.

In reality the Bible CAN’T be made to “say almost anything”, but  if we put our trust in commentaries, study bibles with interpretive notes, or church teachers (without addressing scripture for ourselves) we can be made to believe that the Bible says things that it DOESN’T say.

A more accurate claim would be to say that PARTS of  the Bible can be used to support a variety of contradictory ideas. If those parts are used with no consideration of context, if they are used as isolated statements that have no relationship with the rest of scripture, those bible “texts” can be the false teachers most valuable tool.


What Does “Missional” Even Mean? (recommended article from Jeff Weddle)


What Does “Missional” Even Mean? Or, One Reason Why I Dropped Out of Seminary


I’ve been reading a book by an academic theologian lately. Came across this sentence:

Missional presence and activity is nothing more than participation in the missio Dei and that participation is the praxis of atonement.”

First, let me just say, after one reading, I hope you have no idea what that means.

Second, if you do know what that means after one reading, I encourage you to get out with people more often.

Third, although theology is just a bunch of guys trying to talk smart about God, it’s not a bad thing to know how to dissect their statements.

It’s a good exercise to read complicated theology every once in a while. Not too often, but once in a while. It does stretch the brain. Sometimes it stretches boundaries of word definitions as well.

If theologians made theology easy, they’d be out of a job. Theologians spend a lot of time alone with big books. Their only hope of being of use is to turn others into isolationist book readers who talk above others.

There is no office of “theologian” detailed in the Bible for the Church. Ephesians 4, which tells us all the gifted people we need to be mature in Christ, never mentions a theologian. Yes, there are teachers, but the job of a teacher is to make complex things simple, not to make complex things indiscernible

Read complete article here:



Good Reputation?

Today I came across the article at the following link, in which a Sydney mosque claims to have had it’s “good reputation” tarnished – merely because it auctioned a flag associated with the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group.


Note the statement from the mosque:

“We reject any attempts to tarnish the good reputation of our centre and pledge to stand firm against the current wave of Islamophobia. We also believe that scapegoating and fear mongering has the serious potential of radicalising disaffected youth.”.

Maybe if these people were more eager to stand against the so-called “extremists” and their demonic actions there would be less “Islamophobia”.

And it is interesting that the “radicalising of disaffected youth” that leads to the involvement in terrorist activities is being blamed on the rest of society and not on the kind of mosques that would seek to capitalise on the sale of a flag identified with the atrocities currently being committed in Iraq and Syria


God Has Kept His Promise


Hamas. Intimidation. Executions.

It seems that Hamas has been observing the most recent ceasefire and things have become quieter, but it’s only a week or so ago that 18 people were executed by Hamas for allegedly collaborating with the “enemy” (some reports give a number of 22 victims). What were the collaborators guilty of?

Maybe the following news report gives an indication.

Trapped in Gaza: How Hamas punishes reporters for the truth



HAMAS is not just targeting Israeli civilians, threatening Gazans and using them as humans shields.
It has another terror tactic: intimidating foreign journalists.
Journalists who have taken pictures of Hamas operatives preparing to shoot rockets from civilian structures and/or fighting in civilian clothing have been threatened by Hamas operatives and had their equipment confiscated.

Reporter Peter Stefanovic, of the Nine Network’s news, stationed in Gaza, received a surge of abuse and threats when he tweeted that he had seen rockets fired into Israel from near his hotel, in a civilian area.

Pro-Hamas tweeters said Stefanovic was “passing and fabricating information to Israel … from GAZA”. Another account wrote: “You are a cretin. Are you working for the IDF” and “in WWII spies got shot”.

full story here: http://aijac.org.au/news/article/trapped-in-gaza-how-hamas-punishes-reporters-for

Also see more reports including videos at the following link. One of the videos can be seen below the link: http://mfa.gov.il/mfa/foreignpolicy/issues/pages/testimonies-from-gaza-and-hamas-intimidation-of-foreign-journalists.aspx



Speak the Truth in Messiah


Grafted? Into What?

I came across this quote attributed to “Chuck Cohen in Roots of Our Faith

“Much of the church has acted, and still acts, as though it has been grafted into a Christmas Tree – flashing its attractive lights and decorations, but unconcerned about its loss of roots and wondering why it is spiritually drying up and dying.”

Does that give a better image of the church than what Paul wrote?

…you, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them, and with them became a partaker of the root and fatness of the olive tree, 18 do not boast against the branches. But if you do boast, remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you.

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