End Time Deception and protection from it…

“Take heed that no one deceives you”

Deception can take many forms – unfortunately Christian concern about end times seems to create a particularly fertile ground for all kinds of weird and not so wonderful conspiracy claims. If the enemy can’t mislead someone one into complete rejection of the gospel, he will use whatever he can to corrupt the message ill-prepared Christians are believing, and lead them to focus on something other than Jesus and His revelation.

An important protection is the building of a foundation from Scripture – becoming more familiar with ALL of it, and not isolated verses or groups of verses. And knowing what scripture REALLY says instead of using parts of scripture to support claims unrelated to the gospel of the Kingdom.

Scripture builds up the believer’s discernment, enabling them to distinguish things that are relevant and true regarding God, His character and His purposes, from things that are attempting to draw them away to a different path to follow a false agenda.

As mentioned above, Christian concern about end times is one thing that can open the door for deception. And maybe THIS area is one that we NEED to ensure we are seeing from a BIBLICAL perspective and not according to popular culture or increasing ‘prophetic’ claims.

Regarding the end times Jesus warned His followers NOT to be alarmed by events that must happen, and to take care NOT to be deceived, because false christs (anointed ones) and many false prophets will arise and deceive many. Therefore it is essential that we make sure we equip ourselves to distinguish and separate the lie from the truth.

One thought on “End Time Deception and protection from it…

  1. Thanks, Tim, for this post. It very much affirms some recent meditations here, that you are also thinking about scripture’s teachings on the end-times.

    And that you’re hearing The Lord emphasize, as He did repeatedly in His major teaching on the end-times, that we must ZEALOUSLY guard ourselves in that time (or now…if “now” is not that time) against being deceived (Matthew 24).

    Spot on that He does NOT emphasize any headline “events that must happen” in those times…”wars and rumors of wars…famines and earthquakes”…which comprise the “signs” by which teachers of “prophecy”-porn “mislead many.”

    Rather, as you say; as Jesus says; just this…are we able to “…distinguish…the lie from the truth” ?

    Amen !!

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