Powerful Delusion

The following statement can be found on Nathan Leal’s Watchman’s Cry website:

Augusto [Perez] has a very dire warning which has to do with a potential asteroid threat that he believes may strike the Caribbean Region and the area of Puerto Rico.
He believes that there is a possibility that this event may take place in the near future. According to his findings, the coming asteroid will strike in the Caribbean and cause a massive tsunami which will inundate portions of the US coastline.

puertoConsidering the success rate of prophecies form both Leal and Perez, I’d be quite confident that Puerto Rico and the Caribbean will be the safest place on earth at the time this event is expected to happen. BUT, continuing their form, the prediction is for “the near future”, so can be delayed indefinitely as each week, month and year goes by without fulfilment.

A couple of years ago this pair of false prophets were part of a group of “watchmen” predicting catastrophe in the USA “before August” of that year. A friend of mine says he is still receiving regular links from Leal to the recording making those predictions – two years after the predicted event failed to happen.

But I suppose there is a kind of logic involved. Eventually there may come a “before August” when there is a fulfilment, and they will conveniently dismiss the fact that the prediction was made in regard to a particular August in a particular year that passed without incident.

2 Thessalonians contains a very sobering statement about those who refuse to love the truth. It says that God will send a strong delusion to those who refuse the truth so that they will believe the lie. Maybe these false prophets have already received that “promise” and are no longer capable of recognising the truth. They have been thrown so deeply into the deception they chose above the Truth that they are incapable of recognising the blindingly obvious about the lying words they continually broadcast.

They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

Prophecies failed and Prophecy Fulfilled

A few days ago I commented on the false prophecies of Nathan Leal. This “watchman” regularly posts predictions on his own website and is a regular guest on Rick Wiles’ misnamed Trunews broadcasts.

Last year a group of “watchmen” (including Leal) appeared on one of these broadcasts and they predicted variations of the same event: the downfall of America, highlighting the month of August 2012.

Was there something significant in August 2012 that caused (or will cause) the downfall of America? Not that I’m aware of – although the re-election of Obama did come after August and considering Leal’s expressed hostility towards the President he would probably point to that re-election as fulfilment of that predicted event (albeit a couple of months late).

I have also listened to another Rick Wiles recording with Nathan Leal and other guests in a Trunews. Broadcast from 14 January 2011, it included the prediction that the American Dollar would be replaced by a new currency by July 2011.
Still waiting Rick and co.!

But then again, the same broadcast predicted a major (unspecified) 2011 event relating to the UN that would result in the establishment of the New World Order in 2012. That was stated as being a message from the Lord received by another of one of the three guests: Augusto Perez.
Still waiting Augusto! (Perez is another man with a website listing years and years of his prophecies the majority if not all have failed).

Even in this brief commentary on some the claims made by these men it should be clear how far off the rails they are. Despite repeatedly making false predictions they are able to maintain a following. And considering that Leal, Perez and Wiles all have “donate” buttons on their websites – it seems they have a PAYING following. People willing to support their false prophecies financially.

Jesus said that “he who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward”. But what about those who receive and support false prophets?

These “watchmen” continually come up with predictions of political upheaval – none of which have been fulfilled outside of their own imaginations. They tend to link their predictions to endtime events and try to convey the impression that they have some inside revelation about the way current events are fulfilling biblical prophecy.

However, they seem to miss a major aspect of biblical endtime prophecy: predictions made by Jesus Himself. That an increasing feature of endtime events would be the presence of false prophets who would deceive MANY.

Sadly Leal, Wiles, Perez and their followers overlook the fact that they are part of the fulfilment of Jesus’ words.

New Year and False Prophecy

hour of judgement 1Around this time each year we start to get what I call “women’s magazine” prophets emerging to give us their predictions for the year ahead. I use that label because I find these “prophets” to be no different from the psychics and astrologers who are called upon by popular women’s magazines to give their announcements of what can be expected in the world during the coming year especially involving celebrities.

In contrast to the celebrity emphasis of those psychics, the “christian prophets” generally fall into two categories, appealing to their differing camps of followers. You will find those predicting exciting things ahead, revival, refreshing, fruitfulness, prosperity; and you will find others predicting doom and gloom, judgement and destruction.

Despite the vastly differing messages, these prophets have some important things in common.

1) They are mostly wrong and their predictions fail

2) They rarely admit their mistakes

3) They’ll be back later with new predictions.

One of the first predictions I’ve been made aware of this year is one relating to Obama’s coming Inauguration. It is predicted that: “….one of the chief princes of the underworld is going to spiritually invade the White House on January 20, 2013” and this entity will “will influence the US leadership to succumb to war and destruction…”

The “prophet” (he prefers the label “watchman”) has a track record consistent with the three points I list above. His predictions continually fail but he is always able to give justification – giving reinterpretations of his earlier statements to make his predictions fit what actually happened (or not). This time he pre-empts his own failure by saying: “this event will take place in the invisible realm beyond the focus of most people.” So only a certain minority will have the spiritual insight to see his prediction coming to pass.

In another time and another place this “watchman” could have been a tailor to emperors


I have been hesitant about giving this link to the “watchman’s” article referring to this prediction but I decided to include it with the suggestion that it should not be accessed without extreme caution and prayer. The site is a mix of convoluted/esoteric interpretations of scripture with more than a dash of occultic conspiracy theory.