Blokes Only

Five of my paintings are included in a “Blokes Only” exhibition held by the local Society of Artists.  The exhibition will run for about 6 weeks, the longest that any of my work has been displayed publicly.

Four of the paintings can be seen in my 2013 gallery page.

They are:

Self PoorTraits

Ebal or Gerazim

Unholy Hybrid (retitled “Rise Up AUS” for the exhibition)

John 3 (retitled “In the same way, Jn 3:16)

The fifth painting is Metamorphose.


The following brief “biography” was provided for the exhibition…

I started painting two years ago.

So far I’ve learned by trial and error (mostly the latter), through regular visits to galleries to see the work of others and by reading a lot about art and artists.

I was initially inspired by New Zealand artists Colin McCahon and Chris Strom who use painted text in their work. (McCahon’s Victory Over Death 2, in the National Gallery in Canberra is one of my favourite paintings.)

My early attempts to paint words were disappointing so I adapted another aspect of McCahon and Strom’s work: portraying local scenic landmarks in a more abstract form.

I have also been inspired by Australian painters Fred Williams, Ian Fairweather and Imants Tillers. Tillers in particular helped me find my way back to incorporating text in my paintings, using stencils instead of freehand lettering.

With a lot of my work I try to address aspects of spirituality and politics, especially where the lines between the two become confused. In this I’ve found inspiration from Jewish artists such as Samuel Bak and Marc Chagall. Their example is leading me to develop a broader vocabulary of symbols to be incorporated into my paintings.