Boston Bombing Question

Like many people I watched the news coverage of the way police closed in on the Boston bombers. I’m sure there’s a feeling of relief that those two murderers will have no chance to kill and maim anyone else.

But I have a question. There’s a part of the story that doesn’t add up, and that is the reported death of the older of the two perpetrators in a shoot out.

Why doesn’t it add up?

Because I saw a news report where the man was arrested. There was video footage of police pushing him into a police car and driving away. They had stripped him naked before taking him to the car, fearing he may have explosives strapped to his body.

Through all of this he did not seem injured or incapacitated in any way. Of course his image was blurred to avoid offending a conservative TV audience, but surely the camera person and the TV station broadcasting the footage had seen the man’s naked body and would have noted and mentioned gunshot wounds.

Then not long afterwards  the man was dead, reported to be fatally wounded in the shootout that had preceded his arrest. And the video of him being arrested and driven away naked has not been seen or mentioned again. If this was a third man arrested in error, why no explanatory statement to clear up the issue.


What really happened?

(there seems to be copies of the video on youtube)