Urgent Call to the Church

A passionately delivered sermon containing a lot of what the Lord has been addressing in my own life in recent months.

I don’t know anything about the preacher. I’m just presenting the content of this message as something worth noting.

Again the idea of “revival” is brought up within this talk, so firstly I’d like to share the following personal thoughts and observations.

  1. “Revival”  is centred on God’s people  bringing the church back in line with His Kingdom.
  2. It will lead to an awareness of who we are and what is required of us in Christ.
  3. It requires a turning from other allegiances, whether to nation, politics  and political solutions, or the pleasures and distracting entertainments of this world. We can only serve one Master.
  4. “Revival” won’t make the gospel more acceptable to the wider world, it will put us more at odds with the world, creating an increased contrast and greater conflict between the people of God and those who reject God.
  5. “Revival” will be an outcome of refining/pruning within the church to make it more fruitful.