Mishandling the Prophetic

I believe the clips of the false prophets shown in this video show that they are not merely mistaken, not merely speaking according to the flesh – there is a clear, dark spiritual influence behind them and their ‘prophecies’.

It’s a long video, but really worth watching.

Far too many people will have their faith undermined by these false prophets. Not only have their prophecies failed – their prophecies were leading people to follow a false agenda, one of Nationalism – based on a mythical covenant between God and America; and to follow a false saviour, a false ‘son of God’ – in the form of Donald Trump.

“Watch out that no one deceives you. “

“Many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.” (Jesus, Matt 24)

A Bad Flu Year?

A note to those who want to downplay the Covid-19 situation as being just a ‘bad flu year’.

As of today the US death toll passed 400,000 in less than a full 12 months.

Compare to total US flu deaths in the decade between 2010-19: a little over 337,000

It should NOT be something followers of Jesus should fear. But we SHOULD love our non-believing neighbours by ensuring our choices and behaviours do not put them at increased risk.

And we should NOT join in the spreading of conspiratorial lies denying the disease’s reality or seriousness.

When evening came, many who were demon-possessed were brought to Him, and He drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick. This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah:

“He took up our infirmities
  and bore our diseases”.

Evangelicals face a reckoning… (recommended article)

We reap what Trump has sown

He’s burned down the Republican party, emboldened white supremacists, mainstreamed conspiracy theorists, and more.

Yet of greater concern for me is the trail of destruction he has left within the evangelical movement. Tempted by power and trapped within a culture war theology, too many evangelicals tied their fate to a man who embodied neither their faith nor their vision of political character.  

Read complete article here:


A Sad Goodbye

A sad good bye to Torben Sondergaard and TLR. I’ve removed them from my recommended ministry page.

I can no longer follow or recommend that ministry. He has been drawn away into political partisanship that has blinded him and has drawn him into delusion.
For much of the past year I’ve enjoyed and even promoted Torben and TLR, but his continued devotion to Trump and conspiracy claims shows he has been seduced away from the Kingdom of God to promote a different agenda.
Until he recognises this and repents I’ll have nothing more to do with his ministry.

And yes I have made many attempts to address him personally, but have received no response, and may even have had my comments blocked on his YouTube channel.

He clearly did NOT understand the prophetic significance of what he himself recognised as a prophetic sign on TLR’s former property in North Carolina.

(My text added to TLR photo)

Today’s Prophets of Baal

Today I started reading Jeremiah again and chapter 2 verse 8 seemed significant to the vain, post-election tantrums of the outgoing US president and the pronouncements of many revered ‘prophets:

Only two days earlier, during my prayer time, I had written down the phrase: “the prophets of Baal are speaking”.

Then only half an hour after reading Jeremiah, I listened to a short Facebook talk in which a brother mentioned the prophets of Baal jumping up and down and screaming, after the election.

He also added Elijah is yet going to speak. Those two brief statements were the only references he made to the election in that talk.

After a week of seeing/hearing the false prophets backing Trump’s fraudulent claims about election rigging, it is refreshing to start to increasingly find confirmation of the truth behind these ‘prophets’; and to find like-minded people who also see through the Trump worship and false prophecies.

All these ‘prophets’ are achieving is to expose their falseness – but sadly the people continue to love it, no matter how often their prophecies have failed, and continue to fail.

Sign of the Times

Here is a question asked on YouTube by Torben Sondergaard, a man I respected and whose teachings I’ve found helpful.

“..for people all over the world. If Trump loses, who will save you this time?”


Sadly it seems he’s fallen for the evangelical’s golden calf.

Recently he posted the photo below on his various social media sites, labelling it a “prophetic picture”. I agree with his assessment of the photo, but wonder whether he really understands that prophetic significance and the warning it gave.

I’ve added the text.

(And to answer his question : JESUS is the only Saviour we need and our trust should ONLY be in Him. )

Trust no other god.

The first term of Trump was an opportunity for evangelicals to repent and turn to God after seeing the kind of President they had chosen. A second term, if it should happen, will be judgement.

After this election Trump will no longer need to pacify his ‘evangelical’ supporters. They will be of no further use to him.

This post is not an endorsement of any other politician or political ideology.

It is a warning not to be deceived. The way to ensure that is to keep focused on JESUS and HIS Kingdom, not worldly politics, politicians and poltical ideologies.