It’s My Blog and I’ll Rant If I Want To (2)

The “”evil Obama” claims continue to be raised.

Yet again I’ve had anti-Obama propaganda mailed to me. Apparently he is more evil than any previous President. Why? He is incompetent. He has ambitions to be a communist dictator. He supports abortion. He has “spent America into a financial hole…

If these things weren’t coming from “Christians” I’d laugh it off and write about something else, but unfortunately it is MAINLY Christians that I’ve heard saying these things.
I’ve addressed some of these things before, but for those who have refused to pay attention let me address them again.

More than any of his predecessors? Even after some of the atrocious acts and decisions made by previous Presidents?

Only in America could that political ideology continue to instil such epic proportioned fear. It’s the national equivalent of the boogie man. McCarthyism has a lot to answer for – suppressing a nation’s maturity with threats of red monsters in closets or under the bed, biding their time… Obama is NO communist. The label has been applied ONLY to cause suspicion in a nation still suffering from fears instilled in the fifties.

Abortion was legal in America LONG before Obama came on the scene and was legalised under a republican administration. It has been legal for all of Obama’s adult life and as such his views reflect the immorality of his secular nation – he did not set the agenda.

Surely this can’t be serious?
America has been in a “financial hole” throughout its history with spending being far above income. Bill Clinton introduced policies to reverse that practice and the economy WOULD have been turned around by now if not for George W Bush’s tax cuts to the rich and his two expensive (and unnecessary) wars. It was the Bush administration that led America and the world into the “Global Financial Crisis and Obama was left to put the pieces back together.

Can we now have an end to the anti-Obama hate campaign? An end to the lies and misrepresentations?

When is a Presidential Prayer Breakfast Not a Presidential Prayer Breakfast?

Andrew Strom recently posted a video on his blog and remarked on the speaker’s boldness for speaking so strongly at a “Presidential Prayer Breakfast”.

Readers quickly posted their comments to ask whether the President had been there to hear such a strong call to repentance. Others were equally quick to point out he hadn’t attended, purposely avoiding a confrontation with the gospel.

The video started with an image of the Presidential Seal, implying its official status as a Presidential event and then continued with the speaker calling for the need for national repentance.

Eventually some of the blog commenters started to point out the lack of an actual gospel message, that Jesus was barely mentioned. There was no indication of His centrality to the gospel – that repentance was worthless without Jesus being the focus.

And then the BIG revelation. The whole “Presidential Prayer Breakfast” thing was a lie. It had no connection at all to the President. The use of the seal was unauthorised and deceptive.

For a short time Strom removed the video from his site after being made aware of the deceit involved. However he has since reinstated it after receiving a number of requests for it to be brought back. In doing so He changed his introductory statement, as quoted below.

“Jonathan Cahn at “Non”-Presidential Prayer Breakfast
I wanted to take down this video when I first found out the truth about it, but people have begged me to leave it up. However, I do find the presentation very misleading. Though they use the ‘Presidential Seal’ in this video – we have since found out that it was NOT truly an “official” Presidential prayer breakfast as we thought. Actually more of a Christian/ GOP type event. Anyway, below is Jonathan Cahn speaking in Washington. It is sad that it had to be presented in a misleading way. Especially using the Presidential seal like that. But he certainly made his point well.”

I find it disappointing that the video has been returned and giving a degree of undeserved legitimacy. Andrew admits he finds the “presentation very misleading” but still says the speaker “made his point well”.
I wonder what point he means: the point that deceit works? That it’s okay to mislead? Or that it’s fine to leave Jesus out of the gospel.
To me it seems like another example of the truth not really mattering.

Recession? Depression? Double Dips?

I’m no expert in finance but I find the graphs at this site are interesting, showing periods of recession in the USA since WWII.

The graph I find particularly interesting is the last one that shows the state of the economy during the different presidential periods.

One reason I post the link is because of the “prophecies” I’ve written about before. These graphs show how wrong those predictions have been.

Insight or Incite? Andrew Strom Gets it Right…

A few quotes from Andrew Strom’s latest blog post:

I am writing this because I continue to believe that US Christians are being “driven” toward something very ugly. There is a lot of nasty rhetoric flying around that is the very opposite of Christ-like.

We have spoken before about the dangers of mixing Christianity with “nationalism” – of wrapping the Bible in the flag – and calling it ‘orthodox’ Christianity. This stuff is not just dangerous – it is deadly. There have been countless wars and countless millions killed down the centuries by this very thing. Mixing “patriotism” with Christianity and using that to motivate people – to get them riled up and mad enough to go “fight” somebody or riot in the streets, or whatever. Hitler used just this kind of patriotism to get himself elected. And I see this very same anger rising amongst some Christian conservatives in America. You are being “driven” toward something – and it is very ugly.

a lot of this involves behavior that is totally “anti” Christian. -And despite being a great political document, the US Constitution is not a “Christian” document, and therefore fighting and screaming and name-calling over that document is not a “Christian” activity either. True Christians do not stand or fall by the US Constitution. They stand or fall by the actual word of God. And that is the only piece of writing that they should ever get so stirred up about.

Friends – we have a great mixing of Nationalism and Religion going on. And it is getting uglier and uglier.

This mixing of American nationalism and religion that Strom mentions is something I’ve also seen for some time. And it IS ugly – and some of the ugly symptoms I’ve seen recently have been written about elsewhere on my blog: such as attitudes to guns and the “right” to bear arms, the lies that have been promoted (by “Christians”) in opposition to President Obama, the belief in the myth of America’s Christian foundations established by the “founding fathers”…

I found Strom’s article to be very interesting and insightful, but the clearest revelation comes in the comments section. Far too many of the commenters don’t realise how strongly they PROVE the validity of what Strom has written in their desperation to defend Americanism and American “freedoms”.

Many tell Strom to stop commenting on the American situation. What would he know about America? He doesn’t understand so should restrict himself to commenting on his own nation.
In these demands, those people seem to make a few wrong assumptions:
1) That what happens in America stays in America
2) That other nations aren’t affected by American attitudes and actions
3) That the rest of the world is just as insular as America – and therefore would be just as ignorant of American issues as Americans are of the rest of the world.

In taking offense at the idea that a non-US citizen should point out perceived problems within the USA, the very warning against confusing/amalgamating nationalism with religion is shown as valid. Strom was not attacking America or Americans. He was expressing a concern about the attitudes and actions of CHRISTIANS who live in America. His concern is addressing (assumed) citizens of the Kingdom of GOD NOT citizens of America.
He expresses concern that the two SEPARATE Kingdoms are being merged in the hearts of far too many, producing a dangerous and ugly hybrid.
He is calling for people of GOD’S Kingdom to recognise which Kingdom they belong to and to be devoted to THAT Kingdom’s interests above those of a foreign Kingdom.

In defending their “American rights” and a perceived attack on America and Americans, it seems that many reveal the “Kingdom” closest to their hearts – the Kingdom they find most worthy of loving and protecting.

Full article and comments can be found here:

New Year and False Prophecy

hour of judgement 1Around this time each year we start to get what I call “women’s magazine” prophets emerging to give us their predictions for the year ahead. I use that label because I find these “prophets” to be no different from the psychics and astrologers who are called upon by popular women’s magazines to give their announcements of what can be expected in the world during the coming year especially involving celebrities.

In contrast to the celebrity emphasis of those psychics, the “christian prophets” generally fall into two categories, appealing to their differing camps of followers. You will find those predicting exciting things ahead, revival, refreshing, fruitfulness, prosperity; and you will find others predicting doom and gloom, judgement and destruction.

Despite the vastly differing messages, these prophets have some important things in common.

1) They are mostly wrong and their predictions fail

2) They rarely admit their mistakes

3) They’ll be back later with new predictions.

One of the first predictions I’ve been made aware of this year is one relating to Obama’s coming Inauguration. It is predicted that: “….one of the chief princes of the underworld is going to spiritually invade the White House on January 20, 2013” and this entity will “will influence the US leadership to succumb to war and destruction…”

The “prophet” (he prefers the label “watchman”) has a track record consistent with the three points I list above. His predictions continually fail but he is always able to give justification – giving reinterpretations of his earlier statements to make his predictions fit what actually happened (or not). This time he pre-empts his own failure by saying: “this event will take place in the invisible realm beyond the focus of most people.” So only a certain minority will have the spiritual insight to see his prediction coming to pass.

In another time and another place this “watchman” could have been a tailor to emperors


I have been hesitant about giving this link to the “watchman’s” article referring to this prediction but I decided to include it with the suggestion that it should not be accessed without extreme caution and prayer. The site is a mix of convoluted/esoteric interpretations of scripture with more than a dash of occultic conspiracy theory.

Truth and Lies: Consequences

A long time ago I said the Todd Bentley “revival” was a clear dividing line. It was so far from the truth that it was no longer deception. It was a clear choice between truth and lie.

I see the same thing being displayed with the Obama situation. I have seen “christians” accepting and promoting clear and blatant lies about Obama, and even when evidence is show to prove they have been wrong, they choose to hold onto the lies.

That is a serious situation with eternal consequences.

I am not a supporter of Obama and this has nothing to do with political preference.

14 Blessed (happy and to be envied) are those who cleanse their garments, that they may have the authority and right to [approach] the tree of life and to enter through the gates into the city.

15 [But] without are the dogs and those who practice sorceries (magic arts) and impurity [the lewd, adulterers] and the murderers and idolaters and everyone who loves and deals in falsehood (untruth, error, deception, cheating).

Revelation 22:14-16 (AMP)

Believe it or not…

See video (at bottom of page) and transcript here:

Also see here to find more anti-obama lies busted:

These are not posted to express support for Obama. They are posted with the desire of exposing the lies that professing Christians are swallowing and regurgitating.

With the desire of helping some to repent and to turn to promoting the truth of the gospel instead of the lies of hateful political agendas.

OUR DEAR AMERICA – Where do you go From Here? (recommended article)

It seems Andrew Strom has turned aside from John the Baptist TV and has returned attention to his RevivalSchool site. But I’m still banned and was unable to add a comment to the following article which I found to be mostly very perceptive.

It is clear from a few of the later comments that a few people STILL can’t see beyond earthly politics and patriotism to GOD’s Kingdom.

 OUR DEAR AMERICA – Where do you go From Here?
by Wolfgang and Mercy Simson.

Today, Obama has been re-elected; all the efforts of many Christian leaders, prayer movements,  prophets” and “concerned Americans” who have lobbied, written appeals, articles, books, letters – some have even done films – to warn not to vote for him have come to nothing. Many of them have behaved as if the future of the Kingdom of God is at stake. Well, it is not.

See for complete article.

Election Result in the USA

Obama has been elected as President of the USA again.

Christians need to pray for him. Pray for his repentance.

But I also believe many CHRISTIANS need to repent of the lies they’ve promoted about Obama in the past.

Opposition to him has often gone far beyond dealing with the issues of immoral policies – even to the extent of spreading unfounded rumours and outright lies to try to discredit him.

If Christians can’t act with moral integrity – then how could anyone have higher expectations of an unbelieving president?

History Repeats? Hopefully Not!

Considering some of the hostility against Obama that I’ve witnessed in the last few days, the following image is quite disturbing.
It is a handbill distributed in Dallas a few days before the visit and assassination of President Kennedy.
The majority of the accusations I’ve recently seen levelled against Obama (including “Treason”) are clearly fuelled by the same sentiment as this handbill.

Hopefully the sense of deja-vu goes no further than an “on paper” similarity.