‘The Blood Soaked Garden’

The Son of Man and God and Davis spent His last evening in a garden shaking with dread, knowing what would meet Him on Moriah in the morning. We must be clear: no one took His life. He laid it down. And, like any reasonable mind, He wasn’t seeking martyrdom. He didn’t delight in suffering. He wanted the joy set before Him on the other side of pain, trial, and testing. He didn’t want the cross. He wanted what He’d gain afterwards. Ultimately, He wanted to glorify the name of His Father. ( Stephanie Quick, To Trace A Rising Sun, p 87)

The Death of Sunday Morning

“These are not ordinary days. God is doing a new thing, and we need to respond well. He will not wait for us at the platform while we deliberate whether or not we will get on the train. Life will not return to business as usual in 2021. Pastor, if you try to cling to your Sunday morning model, your ministry might collapse.”

Full article here, from an FAI interview with Iranian brother M.