White Peony

A white peony that has a subtle hint of pink (not noticeable in the photos)

This plant is the oldest we have of its type. Originally we had it growing in a pot when we lived in Sydney, but it never flowered. After moving to our current home in the country, we transplanted it into the garden and now it does very well at this time of year.

Since then we’ve planted a few more that aren’t yet as vigorous, including pink and red varieties. It seems like it takes them around two years after planting to start flowering.

The pink plant in the bottom right corner is self-seeded. A neighbour gave us a cutting of a lighter pink version, but after a couple of years this darker variety appeared. I don’t know what it’s called.

It’s a plant that needs to be managed, having a tendency to spread bountifully around the garden if left to its own devices.



Altissimo rose

One of my favourite roses, the very simply structured Altissimo climbing rose.

Sadly this one is mostly obscured now by our garden shed and can’t be seen from the house, or from most of the garden.


And Even More


Red “pigface”

DSCF2416A David Austin rose – ether Winchester Cathedral or Glamis Castle. We had both varieties but lost one of them. I don’t recall which survived and which didn’t.


A ‘carpet’ of thyme, a low growing variety of the herb that I like to use as a ground cover.

More From the Garden

zio daisy

Zion Daisy


“Aunty Irma’s” Geranium

A geranium grown from a cutting we were given by Gloria’s aunt a few years ago.

This is standard rose, but I Can’t remember the name of it. At the moment it’s perhaps the best it’s ever been.


Dianthus are one of the most reliable flowering plants in our garden, coming back year after year in early spring and surviving through to the end of autumn.