King Hit? Coward Punch? Murder!

I finished reading Numbers a few days ago. One part seemed very topical.

In Australia over the last several months there has been a lot of discussion about deaths caused by single punches, where people have been hit from behind with one punch to the head. At first the media were calling these punches “king hits” but later they changed the terminology to “coward punch”.

Some of the people responsible for punches that led to death were getting quite lenient sentences – and politicians responded to public outrage by trying to change the law to create a mandatory sentence of 8 years.

Now back to Numbers.

If the standard detailed in Numbers was applied to Australian law, every one of those guilty of killing someone with a single punch, regardless of their intent, would be declared a murderer and executed. It wouldn’t matter whether the person intended to kill with that punch, but merely the fact that intentional hostility was involved, that the punch was thrown in anger, was enough to make the resulting death an act of murder.

Now wouldn’t that make people think twice about the effects of their anger and how they act in response to that anger!
Well… probably not.