5 thoughts on “Healing 101

  1. One of the guys said: “There’s no way I can be that accurate without it being God” Dangerous. Dangerous. Dangerous. Does he not understand that evil spirits impart knowledge? Most of what passes as accurate words these days, is, in my opinion, clairvoyant spirits at work, successfully masquerading as the Holy Spirit. Our lives have been diverted onto wrong paths by listening to words that were not from God, but came from ‘accurate’ prophets. Accuracy is no indicator that someone is hearing from God. Bless you.

  2. “One of the guys said:…”

    Did they?
    Which of them and where and in what context?
    It’s not something I recalled from my viewing before I posted the video, so I took your word for it and watched it all again.
    Even when I was specifically waiting for that statement to be made I didn’t hear either of them saying what you claim they said.

    I can only assume that IF I missed twice, it’s because it was such an off-hand, off the cuff statement not related to central topic being discussed – which is healing.
    But I know your extreme views on that topic.

    If you can direct me to the specific part of the video you are referring to I’ll happily check it out again. If not, then could it be you are trying to distract attention from what IS said in the video? Distracting attention from the truth of their teaching about the ministering of healing.

  3. Hi Tim. (I think it’s Tim).I’m not trying to distract. They’re frauds. I’m reading To Trace a Rising Sun. Thank you for the recommendation. I’ve only read the first chapter so far and it impacts deeply every time I dip into it. Her obsession with Jesus Christ is breathtaking and challenging, it’s wonderful. The contrast between the writer and these two overconfident comedians is stark. The author is very insistent that people look at Jesus and not her. These two showmen, like so many like them, boast in their achievements. They say so much that sounds right but the underlying message is “Hey, listen to us, we’ve got it right”. They soak up the adulation from the audience, In my opinion, they are snake oil salesmen.
    People of the same tone and confidence that I’ve looked to over the years – Patricia King, Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson, Brian Houston and many others, all exude the same confidence, the same charisma, The author of To Trace A Rising Sun is of a different spirit.
    My hope and honest prayer is that you see it.

  4. Torben Sondergard had the same effect on me as these two. Sounds right but something is very off. I pray you see it. I also pray you get healed. I do think that if you took Hezekiah’s approach it would be better.

  5. So you can’t provide evidence of the accusations you made earlier, so you just label them as ‘frauds’ and use other snide comments to ‘attack the men’ instead of addressing the content of their message. Oh yes – and also throw in the ‘guilt by alleged association’ ploy too.

    I judge the message BY the message, according to its conformity with scripture; not according to some ingrained ‘theological bias’.

    Yes To Trace a Rising Sun is excellent. It is written by a woman, who like the men in the video I posted, is actually out there doing the work the Lord has equipped HER to do, bringing glory to the Lord where she has been placed.

    As for Torben Sondergaard – when he sticks with the gospel and making disciples, the basis of his ministry is sound. However in recent months he’s been seduced by Trumpism and in my view has compromised his valid ministry through that.

    As for taking ‘Hezekiah’s approach’ – I am taking the approach of believing God and His provision. I am taking the approach of believing the promises of His word. I have taken the time to study scripture for myself and to actually see what it says and reveals regarding God’s will; because –

    ” this is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him.”

    So many people do not actually believe what scripture says, but spend all their time arguing that it doesn’t really mean what it says.
    Many do that because they have not really read or studied scripture.

    They may read scripture daily – but just parts of it, and usually through the lens of their favourite teachers sermons or commentary notes.
    Few have actually read ALL of scripture. Even fewer read it all in large sections at a time (preferably a whole book) instead of just chapter or two at a time.
    Therefore the scope of God’s purposes and His overall dealings with His creation is completely missed – and scripture is seen as a collection of theological concepts rather than a revelation of God’s ongoing, unfolding purposes.

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