Head Start on Reading Challenge

Why wait until the new year to start the #BibleBulldoze Bible reading challenge?

Gloria started yesterday and has completed both Genesis and Exodus. She is listening to a recording, and reading along in her Bible.

I started it today and read Genesis ( two and a half hours) and Exodus (two hours). I also added Psalms 1-20 (35 minutes). I prefer to read the Psalms in sections rather than the whole book at one time, so will read several Psalms per day to spread the reading of them across the month.

Before I get too far into this project I’ll be changing the order of some of the books in the timetable to match my usual Bible reading order. For example, I’ll be moving 1 & 2 Chronicles to the end of the OT readings to match the Jewish order of books rather than the traditional Bible order.

Also I won’t be reading the gospels one after the other, but will follow my usual reading plan, starting with Luke-Acts, then Paul’s letters in the order they were written, then Matthew will be grouped with James and Hebrews, Mark with Peter’s letters and Jude, and finally John’s gospel followed by his letters and Revelation.

As daunting as it seems at first, I’m finding its not so hard to read so much when you get into the flow of a book. What is also helping is using a “reader’s bible” – one printed more like a normal book: single column, no paragraph headings, and not divided into chapters and verses. There are fewer distractions and less temptation to take breaks after a few chapters.

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