New Year Challenge

2020 was a very profitable year for my Bible reading.

Making the most of the combination of chemo and covid restrictions, I tried to use the ‘isolation’ time wisely. By the time the relative isolation was no longer necessary, I’d developed a valuable habit and was able to read through the NT ten times and the OT two and a half times within the twelve months.

The following, from Facebook, is a challenge (opportunity) to give 2021 a running start.

I’m going top give it a go…

Anyone else?

Full reading program here: Facebook

One thought on “New Year Challenge

  1. Starting to feel a little daunted by this – but still determined to carry it through.

    Gloria has spent the past 4 or more hours this evening, listening to Genesis and reading along with it in her Bible.
    I still have that to look forward to – but without the audio.
    I’ll be using a new CSB Reader’s Bible I received for Christmas. It has no verse and chapter numbers or topic headings to interrupt the flow of the biblical text.

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