Miracle Meal – Christmas 2020

December 2019 began with a fresh “life-limiting” cancer diagnosis.

Over the previous few months my ability to eat became increasingly compromised, and I started December 2019 unable to eat more than the tiniest portions at a time. I couldn’t swallow, and found it difficult to get any food down. And usually what was swallowed came up again.

Gloria and I weren’t looking forward to Christmas when it would be impossible to enjoy even a basic Christmas meal.

December 9th 2019 my appetite and eating ability was completely restored, an enjoyable Christmas meal a couple of weeks later became possible again.

Today (25 December 2020) I was able to eat another post-diagnosis Christmas dinner, and enjoyed every mouthful, and MANY mouthfuls were served up in this delicious, tasty chicken and veggie meal, with many of the vegetables grown in our own garden. Last year we hadn’t bothered to plant anything.


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