Another Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of having my appetite and eating ability restored after months of increasing inability to swallow anything.

Since then I’ve had no difficulty eating.

Initially I was supposed to have surgery to remove my stomach, but the diagnosis was changed to ‘inoperable’. With that approach I would never have been able to eat normally again. Also the worse diagnosis removed the medical option and left me no safety net. My only salvation was in the Lord, so I had to reassess my whole life and lifestyle, and learn to put my faith in Him for healing.

Firstly I had to establish a foundation. It’s worthless believing in Him for anything He’s not provided or has never promised. It is worthless putting my trust in something that is not His will.

So that is where the journey started. Find His will, and believe in it.

I found it. I believe in it.

Thank you Jesus – for forgiving all my sin and healing all my diseases.

To live is Christ!

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