The Good, the Sad and … (November in review part 1)

The Good: November 20th was the anniversary of being given a death sentence by the medical profession. That sparked the most spiritually productive year of my Christian life. I documented my first few months of personal, spiritual discovery elsewhere on this blog. During this year I’ve probably read more scripture and prayed more consistently than I’d done in the whole of the previous decade.

The Sad: November 21st my dad died. He’d been in a nursing home for about six weeks after spending the previous two months in hospital waiting for a nursing home placement.

Around 14 years ago a heart specialist gave him only 6-9 months to live. While he had a few bad days during those 14 years, he was mostly quite well, although limited in mobility. Then this year he lost his sight, became depressed and contracted pneumonia twice. The second case led to his permanent departure from home. In hospital he dropped 20kgs in a few weeks and lost muscle mass, making him completely dependent and unable to return home.

On Saturday at 5.30am, attended by my mum and sister, he stopped breathing. He was 87 and just a few months short of my parents’ 65th wedding anniversary.

He was always resistant to the gospel, but I continued to pray for him. A few months ago he was ‘visited’, in a dream or in his mind, by a man who said “people think I’m dead, but I’m really alive”. My mum asked who it was and my dad didn’t know. His ‘visitor’ came back later, my dad asked his name and got the reply “Jesus Christ”.

For most of the past months he lived in a world of dreams and darkness (due to his blindness) within his own mind and thoughts. I trust the Lord continued to visit, but ultimately what dad did in response to those visits will remain a mystery until I eventually go to be with Him myself.

Because of distance, covid restrictions and chemo, I hadn’t been able to see him for almost a year.

2 thoughts on “The Good, the Sad and … (November in review part 1)

  1. Thanks Cheryl, We watched his funeral online this morning. Unfortunately there were sound problems so we couldn’t hear the eulogy. I’m hoping to get a print of what was said from the celebrant.

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