False Teachers… or Not

In recent weeks I’ve seen far too many “heresy hunter” videos, all pointing out why this person or that church is heretical. Most of them use edited morsels of a sermon or a testimony and overlay it with a leading, often mocking commentary, pointing out the “obvious” false teachings/practiced by the chosen target.

Very often the ACCUSATIONS being made could easily be proven false, if only viewers took the time to adequately investigate for themselves.

Sadly, the majority of the sites’ followers seem only too eager to side with the site owner without checking for themselves.

I’ve come to realize how closely these people fit the description of the hungry wolves in sheep’s clothing that Jesus warned about. A pack leader (site owner) provides prey to tear apart for the hungry pack of followers to devour.

One of the targets of a recent heresy hunter attack has been Torben Sondergaard. A video testimony of a woman delivered from a demon was featured and commented upon – finding fault with almost everything done. Here’s a selection:

  1. The woman was a new believer and according to the site owner “Christians can’t be ‘possessed’ because scripture doesn’t show believers being affected by demons.
  2. The woman testified that the experience was “awesome” – the site owner thought that was inappropriate. (I think being freed from demonic influence WOULD be awesome!)
  3. The demon didn’t come out immediately. (Obviously he overlooked Mark 5:1-13 and Mark 9:14-27)

And then the comments section was full of references to Sonderrgaard’s relationship to Bethel, to Toronto, and his membership of the “NAR – all of which are totally false.

In the video below Sondergaard addresses similar accusers who frequently condemn others of “heresy” when it’s usually their own theology that is not biblical.

2 thoughts on “False Teachers… or Not

  1. Yes Ian, stand together with Torben as he preaches the gospel and makes disciples.

    But not so sure about the use of WWG1WGA.
    Even though the intent may be relevant it’s origins and associations are dodgy:

    “…an acronym of an unofficial motto of a series of conspiracies collectively known as QAnon.”

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