Todd White part 3

Another Sermon from Todd White.

Hear his own words, not edited selections reinterpreted via the commentary of others.

This seems to be a suitable conclusion to the matter of “Todd White’s repentance” that was initiated by the recent explosion of commentary on countless sites of so-called “discernment ministries”.

Through this situation I’ve learned to understand what Jesus was saying when he referred to “ravenous wolves” and knowing them by their fruit.

Hungry wolves hunt in packs following a leader to bring down and tear apart their prey.

I posted the link to this video on one of the sites that has now featured at least three anti Todd White videos in the past few days. The site owner thanked me and said he didn’t think any of his followers would be interested in watching it.

And THAT is the problem. They would rather swallow what is fed to them by a favoured “discernment ministry” than to check out the facts for themselves.

After the very first Todd White video I posted, I was sent links to articles exposing his many errors. I thank God that I took the time to follow up those accusations. I found they were all false and the experience was enough to make me aware of the dangers of believing the claims of those misnamed “discernment ministries”.

Todd White is far from perfect – just like ALL of us – but he’s not the satanic deceiver so many are accusing him of being.

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