More Todd White Repentance Commentary

The video below has the best assessment of the Todd White repentance issue that I’ve seen over the past few days.

All of the criticisms of White I’ve seen in the past on the “heresy hunter” sites have either been outright lies (such as he denies the divinity of Christ), have attacked his healing ministry (after all, those gifts died out with the apostles according to the critics) or have mocked his hairstyle and/or wardrobe.

That’s why those sites so quickly switched from “Todd White repents” – to reasons why his repentance isn’t legitimate.

The snide mocking tone of many of the critics ought to be recognised as the fruit by which we will know them. See the comparison given between the works of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians.

Also, Jesus referred to people appearing like sheep but by their fruit are recognisable as ravenous wolves. The nature of wolves is to hunt in packs, hungrily tearing their prey apart.

The commentator below is no Todd White follower (and neither am I) but unlike the “discernment” ministry sites, he addresses Todd White’s perceived shortcomings (and strengths) with honesty and integrity.

I’d never heard of White until the beginning of the year after I’d done a Bible study on healing, the results of which have been shared over many posts on this blog.

After completing that personal study I looked around to find what others were saying and/or doing regarding healing. I came across Todd White videos showing him ministering within the community: healing, sharing the gospel, meeting people’s other needs, and leading people to the Lord, followed by baptising them.

I posted a video of him doing those things and was astounded by the persistent, negative, accusatory responses in the comments section below that video. For the first time in the life of this blog (after 50 comments in a few days) I chose to manually disable the comments. *

Todd White is obviously not perfect and even he is recognising that he’s fallen short in areas, but I’ve had no doubts of his sincerity and his love of the Lord and that the Lord has used him and will continue to do so.

The presenter of this video makes far more pertinent and gracious observations of White and his ministry than I’ve witnessed across the many “heresy hunter” sites I’ve seen.

Refreshingly, instead of snide accusations, he gives wise and helpful advice, and it was encouraging to me to hear him reference Apollos as someone who had preached a deficient gospel in Ephesus but was later patiently corrected by Aquila and Priscilla.

Apollos is an example I have referred to a few times in recent discussion about White and his ministry. Apollos was blessed to be patiently corrected instead of being labelled a heretic and berated on the Roman empire equivalent of YouTube.

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One thought on “More Todd White Repentance Commentary

  1. Hi Tim,
    A serious thank you for posting this. Reading through the comments below the original video on youtube I found the answer to my earlier ‘not being sure’ what exactly Todd was repenting of

    I’ve posted links (above) to my earlier comment, and also below to the discussion between Rod and Bryan who had the same ‘question of not being sure’ as I. I hope these links work OK..?

    Bryan Nixon – So, what has he originally taught about Salvation? What is he repenting of?
    Jew and Greek – He put the emphasis on Jesus loving everybody and making their life better rather than Jesus dying to save us from our sin.
    Bryan Nixon – So the emphasis was just in the wrong place?
    Jew and Greek – It wasn’t just the emphasis. He wasn’t telling people that they need salvation and Jesus died for their sins.
    Bryan Nixon – He was in error then! While God does bless us, the most important thing by far is telling people how they can have eternal life through Jesus Christ!

    Once again I praise God and rejoice that Todd now understands the need for these truths in his preaching.

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