Dreams and Visions

There have been increasing, exciting testimonies from former Muslims who were introduced to Jesus as saviour through dreams and visions. Often being directed to meetings with specific disciples of Jesus who were able to answer their questions about the man in white robes who had appeared to them.

Tom Doyle has written about some of these cases in the books illustrated below. The video (also below) has a half hour interview with Doyle.

Sadly there are some who are denying the validity of these examples of God leading people to Him through dreams and visions – but not surprisingly they are the usual cessationist suspects who consistently attack any claim of that God is still actively, miraculously, working today.

What are you willing to believe?

Do you accept testimonies consistent with scriptural records of dreams and visions, that reveal God is working today to reach the otherwise unreachable – or the word of people who basically make God into a dumb idol, who is unwilling or unable to be the same kind of God as He made Himself known through scripture.

Do you accept testimonies of people now willing to die for their new found saviour, who genuinely face that prospect because they’ve turned from Islam in communities where that is considered a capital crime? Or do you prefer the deniers who make their cessationist assertions from the safety of their comfortable, safe, western homes?

2 thoughts on “Dreams and Visions

  1. My husband and I help sponsor someone who has a passionate calling for missionary work to muslims. His heart is full of love for them and he has a God given desire to see them come to Christ — which is evident when conversing with him. He ‘falls in love’ with and is endeared to their culture and admiring of their great love and hospitality to strangers, which he has experienced first hand many times — he says they are the ‘sweetest people’ he has ever known and I believe that (affinity he has) is God-given and is definitely a part of his calling and ability to be effective!

    In a recent conversation I had with him, I shared something along the lines of how I want to believe God has a heart for the muslim people and a special end times plan for them to be awakened to the truth of Jesus (similar to the Jewish people)–as they are also descendants of Abraham. I say that based on what I personally know of God’s character and love for ALL, particularly His own children. As well as the story of when Hagar was sent away and how that distressed both Abraham and her and then an angel appeared and she was assured Ishmael was to become a great nation.

    I chafe a bit sometimes at some evangelical approaches toward the topic of Islam (‘outing’ islam for it’s hatred of Christianity. Without then sharing a great love for the people who have bought into that lie of a false religion). Hope that made sense. It’s hard to explain.

    Regarding someone telling me they had a vision or a dream about Jesus (or God), I think it would be tempting, if I knew they were a Muslim — to be LESS discerning in my great hope that it was a real encounter.

    I would hope that I would do the same ‘testing of it’ that I would with anyone who came to me claiming to have heard from God directly, or to have seen a vision.

    If everything they saw or were told lines up with a solid Bible foundation — then I would believe it. If any part of it did not – I would press and see if that ‘part’ was truly from God or just that person’s addition (I just had this happen, literally, with someone who claimed to be hearing directly from God — one thing he said did NOT line up with scripture and I pressed and he said ‘well that part may have been from me as it’s still hard to tell when it’s God talking and when it’s just my own mind telling me things.’ And then a learning opportunity came for discipleship so it was good I questioned it!)

    Either way — the main point would be this kind of thing (visions and dreams of, or hearing directly from God/Jesus– from any previous unbeliever) would definitely be an OPEN door for the gospel to be told or else affirmed and then also an opportunity for further discipleship- which I think we should always be prepared to walk into with another!

    In summation: I am not a cessationist. But I also cannot take a whiteout pen to 1 John 4:1!

  2. Hi Just Salt,
    I recommend reading Tom Doyle’s books – or look for his talks and interviews on YouTube.
    The dreams and visions he reports mostly lead Muslims to someone who can share the gospel with them.
    In another book I read was the story of a man who kept dreaming about a particular colour book (I think it,was blue).
    One day while looking in an Islamic book, on a shelf full of green Korans, he saw one book with a blue cover. It was a Bible. He bought it and was led to the Lord.

    There are countless ‘testimonies’ of dreams from Christians that are given very strange weird interpretations that often lead to even weirder theological ideas. The reports of dreams from Muslims are nothing like that. They tend to be very straight forward appearances of Jesus, expressing His love for them, stirring their desire to find out more about Him.

    Or they will dream of a particular person in a particular place – and one day they go to that place and actually see the person from their dream who turns out to be a Christian who can teach them about the Lord.

    By being led to receive Jesus starting with these dreams, these people put themselves at great risk, but despite the danger they go on to be every fruitful witnesses for the Lord. Some even losing their lives for the sake of His gospel.

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