Jesus is Alive! (and answers prayer)

In a phone call with my mum,  I was made aware of an exciting answer to prayer. Neither of my parents are believers. My dad in particular has been stubbornly resistant to being told anything about Jesus, always immediately changing the subject when Jesus is mentioned.

He has had a serious heart condition for many years, and in recent months it has become even worse, with only 20% heart function remaining. Earlier this year he also lost his sight completely, and it seems like he’s started to suffer sporadic dementia. For example, he recently had a stay in hospital and was convinced he had been returned home via helicopter. He now spends most of the day in bed, not knowing whether it is day or night.

Considering the difficulty of sharing the gospel with my dad, as well as how his health has been deteriorating significantly, I’ve been specifically praying that Jesus would visit him in his dreams or in his mind (considering he’s now sightless and is alone with his thoughts for most of the day).

This week he told my mum that a man had appeared “in his head”, who said to him: “people think  I’m dead, but I’m alive”. My mum asked him who the man had been, but my dad didn’t know, so she told him to ask his name if he came back again.

The man returned. My dad asked his name, and he was told “it is Jesus”.

I need to make clear that my dad’s experience and the words said to him are NOT something he was likely to think up for himself to feed his own imagination.

This experience not only offers hope for my dad (depending upon how he responds to this Divine visitation) it has also opened a door to share the gospel with my mum. I immediately let her know that this experience was a clear-cut answer to prayer.

2 thoughts on “Jesus is Alive! (and answers prayer)

  1. wow, the power of prayer on full display! God is so faithful and good! Reminds me of the verse: We do not have because we do not ask…

    I have found that as I am maturing in the faith, He leads me to be more ‘specific’ in my prayers-as it seems He did with you here in your prayers for your dad!

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