Dr J. David Pawson, FEB 1930 – MAY 2020.

This site has been getting an extraordinary amount of visitors over the past two or three days. Most were looking at articles about David Pawson.

The following explains why.

Dr J. David Pawson, FEB 1930 – MAY 2020.

David ascended to be with his Lord and Saviour at
9am on Ascension Day, 21st May 2020

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Enid and Family at this time of great loss and we are also grateful to the staff at Oak Lodge who have shown David an amazing amount of care and love over the past 12 months.

Due to the current lockdown situation the funeral service will be a private family matter but we do hope to organise a thanksgiving and celebration service later this year or at a time when lockdown is lifted.

David has left a huge legacy with many thousands finding the Lord through his ministry. He leaves us with a wealth of biblical recorded wisdom. He was passionate about teaching the truth and exposing error and specifically to encourage everyone to read the bible for themselves. He was an advocate that the solution to every situation can be found by reading the scriptures.

From the official David Pawson website: https://www.davidpawson.org

I first became aware of Mr Pawson in the early 1980s when he visited Australia as a guest of Vision Ministries. I listened to a lot of his recorded sermons at the time, but never got to attend one of the meetings where he was preaching.

Many years later, after emerging from a decade and a half period of “spiritual crisis”, I went to a Christian Expo held in Sydney where many ministries and their resources were being promoted.
I met his local ministry representative and was re-introduced to Mr Pawson’s ministry.

Over many years after that, his teaching helped Gloria and I significantly, encouraging us to always check everything with scripture and to always view scripture according to its intended context.
I have found very few teachers who placed so much importance on what scripture actually says, unlike so many others who seem to steer away from the clear meaning of the text.

A great man of God has left us to join the great God he loved and served.

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