So You Want To Go Back To Normal?

An article from Cheryl McGrath, with insightful observations about the current situation and our expectations beyond it.

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Coronavirus. I doubt there’s a single person reading this it hasn’t impacted. Many of us are reeling at the extent and speed with which the world around has changed, dramatically, within what seems like a nano-second. It’s mind boggling, isn’t it!

Everywhere I turn – internet, TV news, social media, family discussion – the question of the hour is ‘How long before this is over? When can we all just get back to normal?’

With that in mind the Lord and I started having a discussion about exactly what this ‘normal’ is that we’re all so desperate to get back to. It turns out that from His perspective normal looks a bit different to what it might be for most of us. Actually, it turns out He’s looking at this whole coronavirus thing from a Kingdom perspective. Surprised? Shouldn’t be.

via So You Want To Go Back To Normal

5 thoughts on “So You Want To Go Back To Normal?

  1. My pleasure Cheryl.
    It’s good to see someone else recognising this opportunity for change.
    So many seem to see only the negatives of having their “normality” disrupted.

  2. I hope that we Christians who are being called in this direction can continue living a content and scaled back life in the Lord after the world does return to business as usual (if it does return, that is).

  3. The world will try “to return to business as usual”, but the “usual” will probably more advantage to some than to others.
    While many small businesses will probably not survive, larger supermarkets are thriving.

    But as Christians we need to use this time to strengthen our PERSONAL relationships with the Lord, to face what is ahead in His strength, centring our faith in Him and His word, and not holding on to or returning to lukewarm living, lifeless traditions and questionable faith-quenching doctrines.

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