Beware of Political Allegiances (update)

A week ago I posted an article called Beware of Political Allegiances.

In the opening paragraphs of that article I said:

Despite the hostility often displayed over the difference of views about spiritual gifts there seems to be one area of regrettable agreement bridging across that spiritual divide.


Today an example of the truth of that observation was posted on a well-know pastor/author’s blog.

He has been a consistent critic of Rodney Howard Brown for decades, and has recently posted new articles of criticism on his blog regarding Howard Brown’s statements about the Covid-19 virus, such as “quarantine is for pansies”.

However in his most recent article he finds himself in agreement with Howard Brown, even admiring his stance (regarding his recent brush with the law) before returning to his usual (valid) warnings about the danger of Howard Brown and his teachings.

But what was behind that agreement and admiration?


From that blog:

Browne was arrested, then released.
Browne then made a public statement, saying “I did all of that for the Constitution”. Our US Constitution guarantees the right of Freedom of Religion. Congress can neither promote a particular sect or infringe upon any Religion.
Suddenly RHB is widely acknowledged and celebrated for having the courage of his convictions and for being willing to go to Jail for the constitution.

I have to admit , in this instance, He is right. He said something to the effect that for Governors and Mayors to ban public worship as “unessential” , while Walmart and Planned Parenthood remain open for business, is an affront to God, and to the church. I couldn’t have agreed more. There are a lot of aspects to this plague, but I am convinced that silencing the church is one of them.

I listened to his whole statement, which lasted about an hour, and on many , many points I found myself agreeing with him, and even admiring his willingness to follow his convictions, even to being arrested, mug-shot and put in Jail.

Oh, how the church, especially believers in America need to repent of their obsession with their nation and their idolatrous “patriotism”, and to turn away from their blind devotion to partisan politics.

The American constitution is NOT Holy Law, and defending that constitution is NOT a God given mission for followers of Jesus.

The current situation is NOT an attack on the church, to infringe upon “religious freedoms”. It is a God given opportunity for individual believers to fall on their faces before God, to seek Him for themselves instead  of abrogating that job to a church leader; to get into the Word for ourselves and discover what it REALLY says, instead of being fed  interpretations of scripture soiled by church tradition.

(see this recent article: )

I see the current situation, where we’ve all been distanced from church meetings and programs, is offering the perfect opportunity to spend more personal time in the word. For many who find themselves unable to go to work, there is even more time to fill, some of which can be used for extra bible reading and prayer.

It all depends on how much people want to know God and serve Him, instead of being satisfied with sticking to what they’ve been taught about God.


2 thoughts on “Beware of Political Allegiances (update)

  1. That “allegiance” is currently playing out in my state.

    The Governor (a Christian herself) issued an executive order against gatherings of more than 10 people. She carefully explained that she knew this would effect synagogues, churches, and mosques during what is the holiest time for Christians and Jews: but that some COVID-19 clusters in the state had originated at church-gatherings. It was therefore necessary, she emphasized, for the safety of citizens, in accordance with the best available medical advice, to take this action.

    The Governor is a Democrat. That same day our state’s Attorney General, a Republican, told law-enforcement agencies in the state that the Governor’s order was unconstitutional, and they should not enforce it. The state’s Republican legislature voted the next day to countermand the Governor’s order. The state’s Supreme Court is meeting today in an unusual Saturday session, to rule on the constitutionality of the Governor’s order.

    A few “Evangelical” pastors have (of course) proclaimed that their churches will hold public Easter services; and called the Governor’s order an attack on Christians’ “religious rights” guaranteed in the U.S. constitution.

    It’s the formulaic mix of “conservative” politics, constitutional “rights,” and “Christianity.” My punctuation indicates each element is “so-called:” a deception.

    Deception is satan’s work. His greatest work, joining “church” and “state”…the foremost realms in which God claims SOLE and ABSOLUTE sovereignty…in his (satan’s) own spirit of rebelliousness.

    The demi-god of “conservatives” and “Evangelicals” well-formulated that spirit of rebelliousness: “Government is the PROBLEM !”

  2. Disappointingly I’ve recently seen writings by Christians who are buying into ideas of there being political/media conspiracy behind the virus and resultant lock in. Claiming that things aren’t as bad as they are being portrayed and the situation is just an attempt to attack our “human rights” and freedoms.
    Those later terms shine a light on the source of their concerns – political ideology rather than spiritual truth.

    Unfortunately they denigrate the gospel when they promote such wild and ill-informed allegations.

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