Beware of Ignorance

Today the following statement from Jesus stood out as I read Matt 22:

Jesus replied, ‘You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God’. (Matt 22:29) NIV.

This was spoken to the Sadducees who tried to argue against Him, with their own faulty logic, to dispute belief in the resurrection of the dead.

Jesus’ words can also be applied to any people who share the ignorance of the Sadducees in full or in part.

Some may be ignorant of the scriptures, others of the power of God – many like the Sadducees are ignorant of both.

Those who want to serve Jesus can’t afford to be ignorant of either.

Disciples of Jesus need to know BOTH the scriptures and the power of God. It’s not acceptable to focus on one at the expense of the other. Both played a vital role in the early church and their preaching of the gospel and SHOULD be seen as vital today.

For some reason (Satanic influence I’d suggest) the church long ago turned its back on the power of God, suggesting it was no longer needed after the canon of scripture had been compiled. *

In more recent years some have swung the pendulum in the opposite direction and have sought the power without the balance of a scriptural foundation.
Both have produced detrimental outcomes to the church and our commission to take the gospel to those outside of the Kingdom.


* Those who have chosen to follow that path show their ignorance of both the Scriptures and the power of God, as scripture is very clear in its teaching about God’s power continuing as a means of confirming the preached gospel.

4 thoughts on “Beware of Ignorance

  1. This is convicting. Spot on. What a powerful statement from Jesus; especially for this hour. Glad you pointed it out as I have not fully pondered that statement before!

  2. I’d never seen that previously either.
    Recently I’ve been seeing a LOT in scripture that I’d previously overlooked.
    Clearly the more timer spent reading, the more we’ll see. That’s stating the obvious of course – but this year I’ve been able to read so much of scripture in a short space of time, that it has come together more than I’ve experienced before.
    I’ve also found myself waking some mornings with new insight into things I hadn’t really been considering during waking hours – which in itself gives me a new appreciation for Psalm 1 and meditating “on His law day and night”.

  3. I’ll try to keep up with the fresh insights, sharing what I can as I come to terms with them myself.

    And of course after making sure of their legitimacy, checking and rechecking them against scripture.

    The more we read and meditate upon scripture, the more insight we will all receive.

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