Beware of Political Allegiances

My previous two posts have been about the divisions between believers arising out of disagreements related to the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit.
Despite the hostility often displayed over the difference of views about spiritual gifts there seems to be one area of regrettable agreement bridging across that spiritual divide.


Both “evangelicals” and “charismatics” kowtow to political forces in misguided hope of returning their nation to alleged past greatness, and especially to a mythical Christian past.

Such hopes are a dangerous fantasy, that not only lead to false expectations of “national revival”, they lead to an unholy hybrid of politics and religion (NOT Christianity as participants assume) that hinders the gospel, leads to false prophetic expectations, and will ultimately pave the way for a future political saviour: identified by Paul as the man of lawlessness.

I see this as being far more dangerous than anything alleged by either side of the divide addressed in my previous posts. Despite their condemnation of alleged “NAR” political ambitions, the other side of that divide are no less devoted to political outcomes than those they condemn as false prophets.

I regularly see and hear professing believers condemning “socialism” and/or “leftists” – as if those terms are describing Satan himself.
I’ve seen an American pastor/author justifying frequent anti-“left” tirades by saying:

” My issue is, which imperfect system aligns more with reality, i.e. the Word of God?”

The clear suggestion is that right-wing, non-leftist politics is more in line with scripture than the alternative.

Ironically this brings him in close political alliance with those he has condemned as false prophets in numerous books he’s written. Those who have also been accused of having a nefarious political agenda via alleged NAR affiliations. Only today I saw part of a video in which someone that the pastor would see as a false prophet was declaring the same kind of political rhetoric.

It’s a delusion based more on the lingering propaganda of McCarthyism than on anything associated with God or His word.

No human political system comes close to God’s word. Both socialism and capitalism are deeply flawed. In their extremes, one leads to authoritarian Communism as per Soviet Russia, the other leads to authoritarian Nazism as per Hitler’s Germany.

All trust (no matter how small) in particular human political systems to bring about godly solutions needs to be abandoned by those professing to be followers of Jesus. We are supposed to be part of HIS Kingdom and not promoting men’s systems or politicians.
We cannot serve two masters, but many try with their devoted allegiance to political powers, their hand-on -heart patriotism, and enthusiastic flag waving.

Those who have fallen for that kind of national and political allegiance need to look deeply at their priorities.

God’s Kingdom is NOT of this world.

Instead of finding common ground in ungodly political systems, surely it’s time to reconcile and come to a biblical agreement over KINGDOM issues: obeying Jesus, preaching the gospel as HE commanded (and the early church demonstrated – with signs) and loving each other as He loved His disciples.

5 thoughts on “Beware of Political Allegiances

  1. I live in America, and early this year a traveling European told me that she enjoys American’s sense of patriotism as her country is not patriotic like America. I found that an interesting, and mostly accurate, observation.
    The Lord began to remove my patriotism and political affiliations sometime after 9/11 when I began to be more and more troubled by the patriotic responses to the attacks. And then I dug into the faith of our founding fathers (freemasonry, deism) and many scales fell from my eyes.

    Furthermore, a Christian friend of mine heralded the end of the world every time Obama said or did anything ‘suspect’. When Trump was elected, the same friend outright told me the world is not going to end abruptly anymore, we have been given a buy of ‘more time’ thanks to Trump, so he has stopped being discerning, because of political affiliation.

  2. I see Patriotism is modern day idolatry.
    I was born in England but grew up (from my teen years) in Australia.
    For many years I retained pride in being English, but in my 30s I started to feel more Australian.
    Without going into detail, almost 20 years ago I emerged from a spiritual crisis and began to understand more about the believer’s citizenship within the Kingdom of God, and being unable to serve two masters. I live here, but its not my home.

    As for Trump – I see him as being a judgement on the American evangelical church who demonised Obama. Trump is THEIR President, reflecting the very traits evangelicals exhibited in the lies and hatred constantly directed at Obama.
    I suspect some of the fruit of that judgement will soon be reaped as a result of this current crisis.

    It’s not the Christians place to involve themselves in worldly partisan politics. By all means vote if required (it’s compulsory here) – but shouldn’t have any expectations for anything godly to come out of the political system.

  3. Would idolatry lead to a willful blindness to the truth, or a refusal to be ‘married’ to the truth (Jesus is grace AND truth)? If so, then yes, it does seem that patriotism is idolatrous.

    You have an interesting take about Trump being payback for treatment of Obama. Could be on to something there!

    Obama did have some fans in American Christian circles. They were mostly quiet about their views though, given all the chain emails passed between church people– about Obama being a closeted muslim or the AC.

    I have remained skeptical of the American presidency since the Lord removed my ‘blinders’ about the Bush family/called me out of my own patriotism in the years following 9/11.

    Which is how I ended up hearing from several christians who felt Obama was Christian and doing a good job-because I was a safe place to share those views.

    I often still end up being a sort of bridge between the two political sides; hearing and seeing and receiving the information and viewpoints being passed around by various Christians, even though I don’t let it sway me anymore.

    Voting is not compulsory here. And it is not mandatory to fill in every ‘circle’ either, one can vote on local issues or proposed law changes and leave other slots (like choosing the president) blank.

    However, I meet few people who hold my views or actually abstain from voting for reasons of conscience. It seems most Christians fall into the thinking that we MUST take one side or the other. Whereas I believe it is the very act of taking either side; which puts us in the ditch.

    Jesus is the narrow middle way!

  4. Jesus is the narrow middle way

    Politics seems to make people forget that the way is narrow, that the Kingdom does not have a broad agenda – it’s all about HIS ways and HIS purposes.
    Not just for the here and now and our present “comforts”, but HIS eternal intention of populating a new heavens and earth, where only righteousness dwells.

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