“Effortless Healing”

I suspect that some people will reject the teaching within this video, backed by many bible references, because of one reference to Bill Johnson near the beginning.

I wonder, how much bible does it take to cancel out one mention of a word definition given in a Bill Johnson book.

3 thoughts on ““Effortless Healing”

  1. I’ve not watched this yet, but lately I’ve been thinking that if Satan wants to discredit something from the Lord, all it takes is a few well-placed, greedy people like in the book of Acts when Simon Magus saw the miracles of Philip, Peter and John and wanted to emulate them. Yet the miracles of the apostles were real! He does not waste time attacking what’s not real! Looking forward to watching this. Praying for you!

  2. Thanks rlvan. I appreciate the prayer.
    If the church was doing what Jesus commissioned it to do in taking the gospel to the world – (including miracles!) – any falsehood would pale into insignificance because people would be seeing and hearing the truth. But instead of obeying Jesus, too many are opposing Him by criticising some who ARE obeying Him.

    There’s so much fear of “false signs and wonders” that the expectation of genuine miracle has been quenched. The church has been given resources to use for the spread of the gospel, and yet those resources have been buried out of fear. (Matt 25:24)

    Instead of being fearful of the darkness, the church needs to take its role as the light of the world seriously and put its light on a lampstand instead of hiding it. (matt 5:14-15).

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