Be Healed

Gloria and I have a Christian friend suffering from some worrying health issues. We’ve been praying for him each day and both of us separately felt led to visit and pray for him in person.
Gloria contacted his wife earlier today and suggested this, but the offer was declined.

Then later, we started watching a YouTube video of a sermon “Forget Not All HIs Benefits” – based on Psalm 103.

Praise the Lord, my soul;
all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
Praise the Lord, my soul,
and forget not all his benefits
who forgives all your sins
and heals all your diseases…

The very popular preacher insisted that “Heals all your diseases” did not mean physical disease, but only “diseases of the soul”.

Is it any wonder that sickness is accepted and tolerated among Christians when they are being taught such garbage?
Basically being taught that the Bible doesn’t really mean what the Bible clearly says?
And that particular teacher is the compiler of a “study bible” retailed under his own name (MacArthur Study Bible) so he can more fully explain what scripture “really” means, instead of what is actually written in the biblical text.

When are Christians going to wake up and STOP trusting in the teaching of those who deny and oppose God’s word and replace it with their own opinions?

Is it surprising that our friend – a Christian – should be hesitant/reluctant to receive personal prayer for healing, when so much false teaching has indoctrinated large sections of the church?

As an antidote to the above I share the following video.

23 thoughts on “Be Healed

  1. It’s overboard to say “Jesus would’ve gone around making people sick” if…

    That kind of thing is what happens so often… if you’re sick, feel guilty or absurd.

    That would fit to speak to someone who purposely smoked as a habit or did other careless things.

  2. Is that as “overboard” as the blatant lie and misrepresentation of saying Psalm 103 is referring to healing “diseases of the soul” and not physical diseases, considering all of the evidence of Jesus ministry of healing ALL who came to Him of ALL the diseases they presented?

    Is a single statement of exaggeration or hyperbole (that makes a valid point) more of a problem than a lie that could lead to countless lives being lost through belief instilled by false teaching?

  3. I’ve had no time for John McArthur for some while – he is well known for his misinterpretation and misrepresentation. You mention his study bible ? Other bad translations are the ‘The Message’ and ‘The Passion’ both of which support the beliefs of those who use them.

    I’ve also had a look at both Todd White and Art Thomas web sites – I am interested in their beliefs, as we need to be.

    I found that White defended both Kenneth Copeland (word of faith) and Francis Chan whilst Thomas quoted both Bill Johnson and Peter Wagner with implied support of their beliefs and teaching including Dominionism (Kingdom Now) in an article on NAR

    It seems that Thomas can teach healing – is that possible ? Not according to Scripture where the gift of healing is distributed by the Holy Spirit as He wills.

    I did read an interesting article on Thomas’s site speaking about discernment ministries and so called ‘heresy hunters’ and his advice from scripture that Christians are not to eat with those ones – which sadly is not what that scripture was saying in context.

    I would urge the same caution with Art Thomas as I did with Todd White – please check out these people, their beliefs, whom they associate with and whose beliefs and teachings they defend.

  4. It seems that Thomas can teach healing – is that possible ? Not according to Scripture where the gift of healing is distributed by the Holy Spirit as He wills

    It is completely possibly for someone to teach believers about Jesus and the ministry He has commissioned believers to do – just as it is possible for people like John MacArthur to teach people that the age of miracles and spiritual gifts has ended and that any claimed spiritual gifts are demonic.

    Thomas teaches people what scripture says about healing and it’s inclusion in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. He also teaches what scripture says about the believer’s ministry of preaching and healing. He then gets other believers to pray for those who need healing in the meetings where he teaches.

    The Spirit distributes gifts of healing as they are needed – He doesn’t give them to sit idle and unused or rarely used.
    Scripture also tells us – in the words of Jesus, that one of the signs following believers will be laying hands on the sick and they will recover. Christians who have been deceived by centuries of church tradition need to be taught the truth.

    It seems there is always caution being advised against those who are actually following the Lord’s commands to preach the gospel and heal the sick. There WILL be errors and wrong judgements made among those people, just as there are right across the whole spectrum of Christians. NONE of us has everything perfect, but personally I have more time for those who are acting in obedience to the word of God to the best of their understanding, than I have for those who twist pervert and otherwise negate the word of God and deny the power of the gospel.

  5. It is regrettable that the friend I mentioned at the beginning of my post, declined the offer of prayer, but its becoming more understandable, when there’s such a combination of denial and fearmongering within the church. As a result, Christians are denying themselves the possibility of experiencing what God desires for them: a life of health, serving Him.

    I will not fall for such fear myself – I will not reject someone or their ministry because of connections (no matter how tenuous) they may have with others.
    I’ll see the fruit of what they do and say and base my assessment of their ministry on that.

  6. So, “ministries” you fervently cautioned against before are your friends and teachers now. Sigh. I really think you are convinced you have to work up an emotional sense, or something like that. I don’t think even-handed study is something God is looking out to punish.

  7. I have never cautioned against those ministries. I had never heard of them until recently and only afterwards was warned to avoid them because of alleged taints from “NAR” influences.
    However I recognise that I probably would also have whipped out the broad-brush of condemnation if I’d come across them a few weeks ago.
    But I thank God for the extra time I’ve had with Him over the past 8 or 9 weeks, in His word and prayer, through which He’s teaching me a lot.

    Actually, thanks to Roger I was able to track down an article that I hope to share soon that sheds some interesting light on the topic and takes me another step along my “Giving Careful Thought to the Paths” journey: giving me a lot more clarity.

  8. which sadly is not what that scripture was saying in context.

    Actually it is exactly what that scripture was saying in its context – not to associate with slanderers, and that is exactly what a lot of the “heresy hunting” is with accusations based on no evidence, often pronouncing guilt by association, as the article you mention details.

  9. I am sorry that your friend is putting a teacher’s words above the Word of God. Jesus said we would know know false prophets by their fruits. If the ministries you are referencing are producing good fruit that should be the yardstick, shouldn’t it? I fell into the broad-brush painting a while back after listening to one of these discernment “ministries.” That is until they turned out to be WORSE than the people they were calling out. Your posts have caused me to rethink everything with regard to healing. That is why I shared the links with you to the healing videos. It’s a small church in Australia and they are doing their best to walk out their faith. The joy and peace they show, who wouldn’t want that.

    I will certainly take you and your wife’s prayers. This past week has been one of the hardest. I am praying for you every day, exercising my newly-found faith. Thank you.

  10. Yes a lot of ‘heresy hunting’ is wrong and slander, and those slanderers are outside of the Body of Christ. What I am speaking of here is the context of that scripture of Christian brother against Christian brother – as Paul, in context, teaches in that passage.

    Paul does not say to not eat with those who warn against false ones who proclaim another Jesus and bring a false gospel, under a false spirit (2 Cor.11) otherwise Paul could not eat with himself.

    Its truly sad when those believers who warn against wolves who have been accepted into the flock, are then stoned by the sheep they are trying to protect.

  11. Paul also shared similarly with the Galatian Church (Gal.1) saying that If anyone preaches a gospel beside what you received, let him be accursed. 

  12. {Just in case more shows up in the meantime, the last post I saw before posting this was February 14 at 6:35 pm… not that it was why I’d decided to start a responding post.}

    A “few weeks ago,” I thought you were in favor of healing but not gung-ho Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Paula White, others like them… and they obviously don’t hang out alone. I didn’t know that you were of a sort you now would consider against healing. And there is your friend (who you have shared from for a long time, on occasion, but whom I don’t follow of my own accord), of whom I asked you after you deleted a post that linked over to her (the long-time friend) what you think now. But I thought you were pro-healing — yet I was a bit surprised when you responded somewhat negatively to a healing I shared. Didn’t fit your bill. I didn’t go get some psyching up for the moment first, or listen to a guided meditation product. Or start a non-profit organization afterward and gather a following. I only acted on Bible I’d heard all my life, and a sense that I’m in a personal relationship with my Creator.

    I’d never seen a healing in a church environment. I had, however, recently encountered [and decisively left behind anything like it] a New Age congregation (claiming to be Christian and claiming healings or healing methods in Christ/Jesus), actually something that my mother had approached (she still doesn’t know the Christian label isn’t always a real deal*). Then I’d spent a while at another church (the other that I found on my own was better than any my mother had selected, at the time, and I did learn). In fact, it was already then (at 22) that I realized I needed to be my own adult. I had sought fellowships as I left home, being a very young adult, and saw there is so much misleading. I literally realized looking to others is not being responsible for myself. (I was in a marriage my mother had gotten me into, which put me in a humbled state, and I had to be a stand-up person there, but, going forward, why would I need to follow others? There was no such need.) Fellowship would be on a more level basis.

    (There are individuals who might need more guidance, such as addictive personalities or people brought up in prostitution… who knows. Abusive men, maybe… maybe. So often people with abusive husbands [or wives… less likely and consequential in a conventional situation where the man is stronger and equipped to provide and never a mother] don’t find relief with leaders. And, sadly, many are about a pretty picture, to “prove” their politics right.)

    * Actually, subsequent to my dad’s death, so in the last few years, she took steps to become Catholic (tending exclusive) and acts put upon if anyone doesn’t want to be Catholic or believe she’s now better for it (while she was against his upbringing while he was alive and I was being brought up — and falsely says to me he never asked her to become Catholic). [She has denied, too, she argued with me for decades that it was right for a cousin to have an abortion (pushed by my mother, although it was against her politics, and her sister), which had that cousin sad for years. In the midst of insisting she never did or argued that, she slips in that the cousin was raped (maybe, maybe not, never mentioned before, an excuse in this instance even though inconsistent with saying she didn’t even have anything to do with it). The goal, really, is about herself. (After decades of causing pain, she’s still in cause-pain-mode. And trying to gaslight people around her. I’m glad I don’t live around her.) Now, even though she’s in Catholicism, I asked her if they have confession (many don’t so much anymore). She apparently still didn’t understand that one has to confess sin and repent, not just try to tell a new story. And, no, I don’t believe one has to confess to a priest or anyone except those you have wronged. But she needed to make some kind of headway. She subsequently texted me a distributed form-prayer.]

    Back to the main topic: There are people from whom I have later learned (and with whom I still agree) because of being gentle souls handling original languages and seeking out history, teaching as servants of the Almighty… who I also have agreed, or even pointed out, were wrong about something (or that I disagree/d with on a particular matter). I didn’t think anyone would crumble. (If they did get offended at said disagreement, I’d find them suspect.)

    I looked this up for a final piece of this post, an afterthought:
    This is an old English word meaning one who utters curses or that shouts verbally absusive language.


    … verbal abuser (one who assails with contemptuous, abusive language).

    But now I have written unto you not to keep company if any man, that is called a brother, be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner — with such an one, no, not to eat.

    It’s not an exhaustive list of everything anyone can do wrong. But it is what it is; I think we can know that warning others not to get into stuff over their heads isn’t it.

    From a Christian site (where the definition someone found for railer was reviler):
    Do any of you have any other clearer scriptural definition on this one?

    I would think it[] important in the sense that Paul shows the same listed along side of what will not be entering the Kingdom of God in 1 Cr 6:9-10

  13. A clarification: I was twenty-two when the first healing occurred (during my first pregnancy). I was eighteen to twenty, and married, when I had been looking for fellowships after leaving my childhood home (not only the house but that city). I was twenty or twenty-one when I wised up (that no one was wiser than I or had taken in more scripture but that some had more knowledge — good or bad — or cunning). [It has taken me a while to figure out how much cunning there is.]

  14. In context Paul said he wasn’t referring to avoiding those outside the Body of Christ.

    not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. In that case you would have to leave this world. But now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister…

    Far too many of those “who warn against the wolves” are in reality slanderers, relying on rumour, innuendo and sometimes outright lies to prove their point. I’ve seen that far too often – where claims have been made and the “evidence” presented has had no substance at all.

  15. Roger said: … otherwise Paul could not eat with himself.

    I haven’t sorted out that whole post, yet, so I’m not commenting on the whole thing. I was thinking something along that line but thought my post was long enough.

  16. Hi rlvan, thanks for your encouraging words and for sharing those videos in past comments.

    Our friend is sadly a reflection of so much going on within the church, through a combination of fear and unbelief.
    Gloria and I will add you to our prayers.


  17. Hi, Tim.

    Does the Holy Spirit disagree with himself? You said, in another topic post, that the Holy Spirit won’t tell one person one thing and another person another, different or contradictory, thing. I haven’t commented in that thread, I have nothing to say on it. My concern is for you; you seem to have a thing for televised ministers. I think that’s problematic… even if not every video put out by someone is “bad.”

    But the writing you linked to, of his in yet another topic post, contradicted itself internally. That is, he quoted Bible to ostensibly prove his main point (and, as a bonus in his eyes, justify calling people in a general category children of the devil and so on… wolves in sheep’s clothing, etcetera). I commented under that one. I said that his writing largely reads well, but has big contradictions in and of itself.

    Partly, the reading-well aspect is dependent on setting aside — for the sake of argument (or due to not knowing in the first place… or forgetting) — the people he refers to as authorities or footing for his stand. In part, his writing reading well is a function of his having good grammar and composition and so forth. And, in another measure, what he said went by smoothly because it’s tradition.

    You can take the word “tradition” here in the way you usually mean it. (Wrong.)

  18. My concern is for you; you seem to have a thing for televised ministers.

    And that is because I’ve posted a few videos of two people who are either demonstrating the gospel in action or are teaching very clear biblical truth?
    I posted the Art Thomas videos after I’d done my own studies, and all of my findings were clearly confirmed in what Thomas was saying. Not that I needed confirmation in this case because there was no ambiguity at all in what I had found. The Bible made God’s will about hearing totally clear.

    You said, in another topic post, that the Holy Spirit won’t tell one person one thing and another person another, different or contradictory, thing

    And that is true.
    And that is why isolationism is so dangerous. By isolating ourselves we start to believe our own delusions.
    Interaction with, and reference to, others provides a balance by which we can assess our own findings – are they of God or are they my own thoughts?

  19. Marleen,
    I am not posting your long follow up to my reply to your comment.

    I have no time for argument for argument’s sake.
    I’ve been over this ground countless times in replies to yourself and Roger.
    Roger has graciously stepped back even though his opinion stays the same.

    I see no point in continually repeating myself.
    While a few have been very vocal critics, I thank God that my ongoing posts have been a help to a few others who have expressed their thanks.

    If my own journey is of benefit to others I’m grateful to the Lord for giving me that opportunity.
    I will not allow others to undermine that.

  20. So much for our very long friendship. Who knows who you have been all this time. You can accuse me of whatever you want, and have a few times while reasoned conversation isn’t valued (only frantically agreeing with you being acceptable). No posting of an answer to an accusation directed toward me either, while I’ve let accusation and implication go by at other times. I do hope you get well and live another ten years or so (whatever is considered a full life). Now, this isn’t something I said in my attempted post… in the end (for all of us) our stripes will be healed in the eternal sense. As you said in a newer topic, anyone who continues in true faith (even if they die [you might recognize this as scripture and not me undermining you]) will not regret true faith.

  21. Marleen,
    A little more respect and a lot less pointless, repetitive opposition would have been appreciated.
    Please read my most recent post to see what this past week has been like.

    I’m not in the mood for, and cannot afford to tolerate, ongoing, faith draining arguments and attacks.

  22. Marleen,
    Regrettably I’ve had to remove another of your comments.
    You clearly don’t understand do you?

    I am undertaking an ongoing journey of building and strengthening my faith in a fight for my life.

    This is not a game or an intellectual wrestling competition.
    I will not, CAN not, waste time dealing with the faith draining arguments and attacks that have been going on over the past week.

    This is the last response I will give to this matter. All future comments along a similar line will be deleted without any kind of acknowledgement or explanation why.

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