2 thoughts on “Hope vs Faith

  1. Hope would be more like the internal yes or yes spoken or acted upon when Jesus asked a man if he wanted to be healed (such as the person who couldn’t get to the stirred water quickly). Also, that person’s hope was more generalized, along the lines that he could be healed some way. (Actually, that man may have had a full belief that if he could’ve gotten to that water before others… while we don’t know if that place had anything to do with the promises of God. [Someone said it didn’t.])

    We are still acknowledging that some people were healed without their own faith, right? I mean, I’m not sure… I’m listening over and over, but it seems like some of the preacher types (not necessarily this one on the video in this post topic) say there absolutely has to be faith in the one who is healed. (Further, it sometimes sounds like some faith doesn’t satisfy a person trying to make a point — rather it seems like a person wants things to be more their way than what God has allowed.)

  2. There are gifts of healing (1 Cor 12). They would involve healing without the faith of the person requiring the healing.
    Examples have been mentioned before. The man at the pool. The man at the temple entrance. And the obvious cases – Lazarus and others raised from the dead.
    The main issue I’ve been trying to address is that BELIEVERS need to BELIEVE – but they need a foundation upon which their belief is based. That foundation is a knowledge of God’s will.

    But scripture makes it very clear, through Jesus own words, that faith plays in integral part of a person being healed in MOST cases.

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