2 thoughts on “Praying for Other People to be Healed

  1. Many times Jesus healed people who were not in a position to “believe”
    they were going to be healed. I was listening to a book today and the
    author was discussing the man who was healed at the pool of Bethesda. There was no
    indication that the man believed Jesus would heal him (the author goes
    into detail about the background of that particular location actually
    being a associated with or being a temple of Asclepius). His assumption was the man was a Helenized Jew. That man was healed and he did not ask for it, only complained he could not get to the water. He had faith that getting in the water at the pagan temple would heal him. The people the Lord raised from the dead did not have faith that he would heal them.

    Also the man begging for alms that Peter was walking past and healed. He had no idea what Peter would say.

    The Lord used serious illness to wake me up. I was everything you described in the post about wasting time. I was collecting things, reading nothing but worldly books, watching Humanistic movies and pretending I was a Christian. I’m glad he woke me up. I hate the illness but I can be quite stubborn and I know that is what it took to rouse me.

    The instant I saw the title of this post my mind went to the book of James where it does direct us to pray for the healing of others. From the time I read your first post about your illness I’ve been moved to pray for you and do so often throughout the day. I honestly feel moved to. I don’t understand it but gladly do it. I know it’s what I would ask others to do for me.

  2. Hi Rivan,

    Thank you, I appreciate the prayer.

    The case of the man at the pool is addressed in David Servant’s video teaching “Did Jesus ever heal someone who didn’t have faith”.
    He suggests that was a case of a gift of healing (as in 1 Cor 12) in use.

    Likewise, I suggest that was the same with the man at the gate of the temple. He’d been taken there daily to beg, so I have to think that Jesus possibly passed him at least once, but it took Peter, at the Holy Spirit appointed time, to raise him up with a gift of healing.

    As for raising from the dead, perhaps that would be the gift of miracles being used. (also 1 Cor 12)

    Those spiritual gifts, given as the Holy Spirit determines, allow for exceptions to the more common (in scripture) cases of people’s faith playing a part in their healing. That requirement of faith is also reflected in what James 5 says about prayer for the sick. It is “the prayer offered in faith [that] will make the sick person well.

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