5 thoughts on “Is Healing in the Atonement? – David Servant

  1. He got pretty intense — still with a smile — by the fifth one.

    I like that he said he would NOT say a person doesn’t have enough faith.

  2. During this conversation, you said something like that you haven’t tended to your health. I want to ask about what I think I might hear in that. Is it the case that you kind of ignored little health issues rather than praying for healing? So, one might figure it’s fine to take a little something… Tums or aspirin on a regular basis. But then the health problems get bigger.

    (I don’t mean one shouldn’t take aspirin or Tums, nor that they would cause bigger health problems. The question is about not asking for healing of something that seems small. Then, one might become a little bit non-observant of telltale signs.)

  3. The issue is not whether someone HAS enough faith – but are they using it? We all receive a measure of faith, and as Jesus said, mustard seed faith can move mountains.

    But faith is very specific and based on knowing God’s will. If we don’t know God’s will regarding healing, how can we expect to pray in faith for healing?
    Sadly faith is also hindered by pride, which is often demonstrated when people respond with anger if they think they are being accused of not having faith, particular in the case of healing, even WHEN they clearly have no firm idea of God’s will regarding their health.

    In my personal situation I know the current limits of my faith, and that I’m a work in progress, getting the foundations of faith established.

  4. It’s not that I didn’t tend to my health, I had very little need to be concerned about it. But in recent years,when I had minor health issues I was more likely to head off to the doctors.

    The diagnosed cancer had absolutely no symptoms until around September last year when I started having trouble eating some foods. I saw the doctor, had a few scans – all of which showed up nothing. But over the next two months the problem intensified and I had severe difficulty eating anything. Cancer was eventually detected through biopsy, and then the extent of it was only seen through exploratory surgery.

    From late December onwards, after starting this study into God’s will and healing, my appetite and eating ability have been restored.
    Is that due to God’s intervention? I believe so.
    Or is it due to the chemotherapy – the doctors probably think so, even though they are surprised by how well I’m doing compared to others they have treated. The oncologist expected me to be gaunt and weak, but I’m not.
    The chemo was supposed to have decreased my appetite, but my appetite has improved.

    In the larger scheme of things, the believer’s life ought to be one of health – not a continued need to seek healing. But that is probably new territory to be studied at a later time.

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