When To Live is NOT Christ (1): Testimony 6

My recent posts have been looking at the issue of God’s will regarding healing.
As I made clear at the beginning of this series of brief studies, it is MORE than an academic exercise, and for me is literally a matter of life and death.

What surprised me is how blatantly obvious the answer is: that God’s will for His people is health and a full life, so that we can live and love the Lord our God.

The scriptural evidence for this is overwhelming and should be indisputable, however, it’s a truth that many seem reluctant to recognise. At first that reluctance seemed puzzling, but then I realised I only needed to look at my own life to understand why.

Until recently it didn’t seem to matter too much to me. I’d never had any serious health issues, and anything I had faced was relatively easily fixed by a trip to the doctors – even if on the rare occasion it might mean the inconvenience of minor surgery.

It was a very pragmatic approach, requiring very little commitment from me, as well as no real challenge to my faith. And by challenge to my faith – I mean I never had to really consider the question of whether I actually HAD faith – at least faith that mattered; faith that actually achieved anything, to produce any fruit. There was never any urgent need, I had a mostly comfortable life and any difficulties were minor in comparison to so many others.

What a difference a serious cancer diagnosis can make!

Complacency was no longer an option.

Not only did I need to consider God’s willingness to heal – there was also the question of why I found myself in this situation.
But don’t get me wrong. The question of “Why Me?” didn’t arise, and neither did any feeling of unfairness. I know these things happen. A lot of people get sick. A lot of people die from their sickness. The fact that I’d previously lived a reasonably healthy life seemed to be a blessing in itself.

However, if I was going to consider, and discover, God’s will regarding the health of those professing to love Him, the answer could also mean facing the reasons that His will might not have been done regarding my own health.

If God’s will is for health and life [AND IT IS!] then what went wrong in my case?
Why did my health fail to such a serious extent?

Clearly the problem came about through MY shortcomings  – not God’s.

5 thoughts on “When To Live is NOT Christ (1): Testimony 6

  1. I still think we need to be very careful about this. I know there are people who are bitter if they don’t get what they want. And there are atheists who think they should get what they want in these areas or there is no God. I asked for healing years before the “dramatic” healing I told you about, for something else… again, something not life-threatening. In that case, I didn’t get the healing. At that time, I was looking at “faith” the way you seem to be doing. Believe, believe, believe. I just don’t see it that way, which I perceive as more along the lines of the health-wealth folks.

  2. On the contrary, I think there has been too much “care” shown regarding this issue, and too little very basic honesty regarding our own spiritual state. To the extent that the blame has always been put on God when WE fail to receive what He has clearly promised and has clearly shown to be His will.

    And THAT approach merely compounded the problem. We cannot and do not “have faith” for something that we don’t recognise as being God’s will. It’s impossible to believe Him for something we aren’t convinced He is willing and able to give.

    I have chosen to be honest and to stop making excuses for myself. I have failed to receive from God and have failed to maintain the health HE desires me to have through compromise, through failing in my own spiritual walk. The chief failure being pride – expressed in an unwillingness to recognise that compromise until I had to.

    Each professing believer needs to honestly assess their own walk with God.

    I’ve started that process for myself with this study about God’s will – and I can find no excuse for denying what scripture has very clearly revealed about God’s will regarding healing.

  3. But if, at one time, I believe I need to believe… and it doesn’t happen? So, years later, I ask if it’s something he still does… and it (although “it” is something else) is healed (and I was open to it and tending to think God would be in favor, but I wasn’t demanding)…

    Anyway, I agree each believer needs to work out their own walk.

  4. Marleen,
    Believing needs to start with God’s will.

    If we ask ANYTHING according to His will He hears us. And if we KNOW that HE hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of Him.

    How can we believe God for healing until we KNOW that healing is His will? And as I have discovered, THAT is not a hidden secret.

    If you believe you WILL receive whatever you ask for in prayer

    Many insist they have believed (that they have faith) and yet they have not been convinced that God wants them well.
    Many insist they have faith and yet they don’t even really believe the truth of that promise that they WILL receive.

    Instead of continuing Jesus’ ministry of preaching the gospel and healing the sick, Christians spend their time justifying their own lack of receiving.

  5. The thing is, I’m not trying to justify my own lack of receiving… as I have received. (Given, I have, during this conversation, begun to wonder possible [other] answers to why [rather than a misunderstanding of faith] back then — as you have acknowledged there could be a reason/reasons why — and it could’ve been so as to annoy my vain mother… or to save me from becoming like her in my youth… although, oddly, I learned years later that she perceived herself to have the same condition [acne]. That seems more like making it up, though. I mean, she was certainly vain… but the connection.) My mother, on that topic and others — as kind of a whole — is like to me Paul’s what was it… thorn? I didn’t quite know it yet then, though… or allow myself to know it. How does a child deal with that? I was such a naive and obedient little one of faith.

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