Bushfire Sunrise/Sunset





To the eye  the sun was actually bright red, but the light contrast makes it impossible to capture in a photo with our limited photographic skills.

The top one was taken by Gloria, the bottom, more blurry one by myself.

Even though the closest bushfires are around 200kms away, we’ve had some very smoky days, with the sky and air thick with smoke, making it unpleasant to be outside, so we’ve had to miss a few early morning walks over the past two weeks.

But missed walks are a minor matter.

We have family who are currently in northern NSW with volunteers fighting the fires there, and Gloria’s brother had to help save his own home and those of neighbours on the NSW south coast, with fire reaching the back fence of his property.


5 thoughts on “Bushfire Sunrise/Sunset

  1. It’s a lot worse, with more fires over larger areas across every state including fires in areas that have previously been fire free.
    The fires are also starting earlier in the year and continuing later than usual.

  2. Tim, I had read about this a couple days ago and was wondering how it might be affecting you. I pray you and your family and Gloria’s brother and family will be safe. The effects of these fires are far-reaching, as evidenced by the air quality in your area, very frightening!

  3. Last week Australia had its hottest day on record, according to the average of temperatures across the whole country for that day.

    The next day that record was broken, and the following day it was broken again.
    That’s the kind of record weather event contributing to the fire situation – along with the lack of rain as many areas endure the worst drought conditions experienced.

    My local area had reasonable rain during many months that other regions had none – however its been almost two months now since we had one day of decent rainfall (18mm – a little over 1/2 an inch).

    It is now Christmas day, and we are well into a third week of bushfire smoke, although again, as bad as it is here, it’s much worse in other areas’
    Gloria’s brother was supposed to be visiting their mum for Christmas, but continuing fires and road closures have made the journey too difficult at his time.

    As far as we are aware, the cousins (a father and his daughter) will be spending Christmas several hundred kms away from home, fighting the fires.

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