5 thoughts on “Jesus and Violin

  1. How beautiful! This is one of my favorite hymns, so rich. I needed this today. Thanks for posting this, Tim. Blessings to you, my brother!


    Underneath me, all around me
    Is the current of Your love
    Leading onward, leading homeward
    To Your glorious rest above

  2. Epic indeed..! Thanks for sharing this.. Until now I hadn’t heard of Simon Khorolskiy.. I’ve just briefly looked/listened to more of his music on YouTube. Many lyrics straight from scripture.

  3. I’m please so many people liked this.
    I saw a lot more songs by the same singer on YouTube, but not many in English.

    A wonderful rich voice singing hymns and scripture. Some of the videos are a visual treat too.

    And don’t forget the violin…

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