Without going into detail at this stage, I need to mention that I’ve recently been the target of a vicious personal attack that I can only see as satanically inspired.
Part of it came in the form of an email from a one time close friend who announced a “prophetic judgement” upon me.

He reminded me of how “God” had punished several other people who had disagreed with some of his (extreme) teachings. According to him, the only ones to escape God’s punishment so far have been myself and a “co-conspirator” friend of mine.
The clear message he gave was that God was now going to punish us too, for allegedly denigrating the gift of tongues.

The reality is, neither I or my friend have ever denigrated tongues. We are both firm believers in the gift’s on-going validity and have always made that clear. We just don’t have the same extreme beliefs about the gift as the former friend has.

In the email he writes of a having a “prophetic anointing”, and that “God will act in terrible judgment” against me and my “co-conspirator” because of our alleged “massive attack against [his] tongues-teaching”.

The man will probably be well-known to those who have known me for some time, especially those who have been involved on the same Christian forums as I was.

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  1. Is this a conversation you’ve been engaged in recently somewhere — something about “tongues” I mean?

    I can see how you might see it as demonically motivated. Might the person by mentally ill — truly paranoid or something?

  2. No, it wasn’t part of a recent conversation. Any discussion of tongues with that person dates back quite a way – but it’s a pet subject of his, that has resulted in him condemning a lot of people who don’t share his view of the primary importance of tongues. He says of early believers: “They wd never be convinced they were fully accepted by God unless they had the identical gift.” (referring to tongues)

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this. Even though these attacks are ungodly and exaggerated, they still have spiritual power behind them, so be in prayer to withstand any ill effects.

  4. Tim, I will be praying for you, and for the person who has viciously attacked you. This must be unsettling for you, but the Lord knows your heart. Rest in Him and His peace.

    In Christ, Jeanne

  5. The people who disagree with him, and who he thinks he has a prophetic warning against, would never be convinced (or would never believe) they (themselves) were acceptable to God or saved unless they spoke in tongues in a particular way? Or… he’s saying of them that he believes they would never be convinced…

    Is this his way, or one of his ways, of saying he’s a OSAS person in the sense that one can do whatever after supposedly being saved and should still be convinced that one is (or “they” are) saved? As long as said person has spoken in tongues (according to his definition)?

    I remember someone at a Narrow is the Way forum (which I think is defunct or taken down or not still paid for in order that it continue) who posted a warning (not about tongues as far as I remember) and said his warnings count. It wasn’t a person who designed or started or owned or ran or moderated the site as far as I recall.

  6. Marleen said

    I remember someone at a Narrow is the Way forum …

    He was on that forum as well as a few others created by former “Revival School” forum members.

  7. Tim, your linked article on tongues is very thoughtful and balanced, not at all “extreme”.

  8. That’s the thing about scripture – when we stick with what the Bible actually says, taking into account context, it tends to keep us from extreme teaching.

    On the other hand a lot of extreme beliefs are created by cobbling together unrelated “texts” – all from the Bible, but divorced from their context.

    In previous correspondence with me, the man with the extreme ideas about tongues brought together the following statements from Paul:

    “I thank my God I speak with tongues more than you all”

    and “Therefore I urge you, imitate me.” and “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.”

    The reasoning offered – Paul speaks so much in tongues, and we are to imitate him, therefore we should speak in tongues as much as Paul…

    There is also Paul’s statement: “I wish you all spoke with tongues” but for some reason the following part is pushed aside: “but even more that you prophesied…”

    The pick and mix approach to scripture, related to Paul’s “imitate me” statement becomes interesting if applied in other ways. Could it also be linked to “I’m the biggest sinner of all”? Does that encourage us to be significant sinners? (note the additional twist I used in that example – not only selecting convenient (but unrelated) verses, but also choosing the translation that best makes my point.

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  10. People who tend to weaponise religion tend to have non religious intentions in my experience, and are in it for themselves and not others.

  11. in it for themselves

    That element of “self” can have different forms and motivations. Too often it can be a justification of self-perceived elitism: someone thinking they have a closer relationship with God and are therefore more “in the know” than others and therefore they feel fine condemning those who don’t come up to their own standards.

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